Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Boredom and Attempted Burglary in Today's Hodgepodge

Lest you be bored with a long intro, here's the cure--getting started now with the fun Q & A.

1. July is National Anti-Boredom Month. When was the last time you were bored? What's your go-to cure for boredom?

 I was bored on the 4th of July, quite honestly.  Or maybe restless is a better word. No parade, no fireworks, nothing, because my husband and son had no desire and I wasn't going to rain on anyone's parade by inviting myself to go with them. The worst part? It was the most gorgeous weather of the year so far! 

I'm seldom bored because, as my mom has always said, "there's no room for boredom in the life of a reader."  But instead of reading, this time I sewed. 

2. What's the last thing you made a reservation for?

A hotel room for my nephew's wedding at the beach in September!!!! Can't wait. It combines
family reunion with a getaway with sand and sea and ultimate romance!

3. What's one thing on your summer 'bucket list'? Any plans to make it happen?

I have a 50-thing bucket list this summer, and have checked off a few. One thing on the list is to sand off all the textured paint from my bedroom walls, and strip the wallpaper border. That's actually two.

If you remember the decorating rage of the late 90's, everyone was into faux finishes. "Ragging off" is the one I chose for this bedroom, and hubby was against it . But I had done 16 square feet of faux finish (Floral White plus Botanical Beige) before he got home from work one day in Y2K.  He had two choices, but begrudgingly caved into humored me. 

He said a month  ago he would absolutely not UNdo it. That was my punishment job.

Doesn't that sound like the cure for boredom? Yes, and also the cure for any harebrained ideas in the future that run along the lines of, "Oh, wouldn't it be cool to add a faux finish to 288 square feet of wall?"  I could just fa
ux up.  My plan is to sand one section at a time for  week .Should be fun with a bad right shoulder.

4. What's your favorite summertime sip?

This question should not  rattle my brain, but it has.  It's a three-way tie for 
pink lemonade, suntea with fresh mint, or a mango Seagram's Escape. 

The best part of a summertime sip is the company you sip with, and I usually sit on the porch with my friend Bonnie after we walk our mile/mile-and-a-half through the hilly neighborhood in the evening.  Our most frequent after-walk sip is good ole' ice water with lemon but sometimes we rehydrate with something "stronger." Ahem.

5. What do you find is the best way to handle another person's hostility and hopefully ease the tension?

The Bible's answer is 'a soft answer turns away wrath.'  I have not always been the best at knowing what that means, but I'm learning that acknowledging a person's feelings is a soft answer, and probably the best first step.  "I understand"  is a good phrase (and I can always understand that trivial things can set a person off , that have caused deeper issues to boil to the surface).   Finding out what they want , even if you can't or shouldn't fill their want, is an in-road to understanding.

Usually people want to talk about it. Even when they say they don't or "there's nothing to talk about." There is fear, grief, shame, jealousy, ego, loneliness--all kinds of stuff that come out as hostility.

6. Your favorite film set in summer?

Hey, I read that question 10 times and couldn't think of my favorite "film set". I was thinking, "Film set? Not a single film? Like a trilogy? As in Bourne?"  Then I re-read an 11th time and I THINK it means "favorite film that is set in the summer"--as in a summer setting?   I'll go with that. 

I absolutely snorted and wheezed out of my  seat watching "Meatballs" with Bill Murray years and years ago.  So hysterical . It's a summer camp movie. I should watch it again. Maybe it was just seventh grade humor??

7. What word are you using too much lately?

"Now."   Can you please do that now? Are you coming home now? I don't want to play Stratego right now. I'm hungry now.  I'd rather sew right now than cook. Can we go out now?

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Yesterday morning my daughter-in-law was home alone, folding laundry,  in their apartment when two black men attempted to break in. She had heard loud knocking on neighboring doors and knew she'd be next.  She looked out the peephole and saw the men whispering. There were no clipboards, no uniforms, nothing that would make them look legit. 

She didn't want them to know there was a girl inside alone, so she quietly got up, hoping they wouldn't hear her loud breathing, and pushed hard against the door as they pushed from the other side.  

Eventually they gave up. She sneaked into the bathroom with the phone (unsure if they might come back) and called 911.  Cops came and there was a search with K-9 units and helicopters! Unfortunately, they didn't catch the guys, and she is still afraid they might come back for revenge since the cops were called. I assured her that no, I highly doubt it. Burglars aren't usually going to return to where they almost got caught. They wouldn't remember that apartment anyway (and she removed the identifying wreath on the door, "just in case").  

Besides, they live in a good area.  This was very unusual activity.

Needless to say, my son was really angry when he found out. Two men had tried to break in to his place while his sweet, young, LITTLE wife was home alone??? How DARE they! Not much makes my son mad, but threaten his family and LOOK OUT!!!    Thank GOD for protecting our girl.


Sally Henry said...

Oh my goodness!!! I'm so glad she was ok! And you are right, burglars aren't likely to return once a full-on search has gone on in that area for them. But - as i've had to do in my current job (yes, seriously), - she may want to get some pepper spray to have on hand, just in case. (A word to the wise, though - do NOT test it out in your office area, lest you find yourself eyes watering and chest tight as the result of one small test squirt. Just saying... )

And a walk and sitting on your front porch with "a rehydrating drink" sounds lovely! I'm such a sucker for front porches, walks with friends, and everything in that scenario. have a good day, friend... don't overdo your shoulder!

Sally Henry said...

Oh, and do you have an electric sander? Might make your job go REALLY quickly... ok, well, maybe not REALLY quickly, but certainly better than doing it by hand! If I had to do it all by hand, I think I would throw in the towel and say something really mature like "Faux YOU!" to whoever came up with the brilliant idea of faux finishes on walls... ;-)

Empty Nester said...

I totally forgot everything else you wrote when I read that last part! OMGosh! I'm so glad they didn't get inside! I know she must have been scared to death. I would have been. I painted one of those 'ragging off' walls in one of the bedrooms shared by two of our girls when they were growing up. We were going for an underwater affect. It was nice but crazy to get off later. So, I feel your pain. LOL

Marla said...

Wow! I'm so glad your daughter-in-law was fine and it sounds like she did the right thing. How scary!! It amazes me how brazen burglars are! But, I have heard they prefer daytime when so many people are away at work. Plus, there is more activity - like workmen, etc. It seems no where is safe. But, I am glad she did not pull a gun because that might have escalated the situation and made it much worse. Thank God for that.

Joyce said...

So glad your daughter in law was unharmed, but I'm sure she's rattled staying home alone right now. I know I would be. I imagine if they were the 'grab and go' variety of burglar they'll eventually be caught.

I sometimes feel restless, which I think is a little different than boredom. I understand that feeling. Perhaps its this season of life?

Carrie Bullock said...

Oh my gosh, that's scary! She should have some pepper spray on hand just in case...

I likened boredom to restlessness too. I think when you're older, boredom isn't really a 'thing.' :)

Zoanna said...

She mentioned carrying her pepper spray with her from now on. And she is easily spooked so don't try any funny business !

Lea said...

Oh, taking down wallpaper is one of the "all the time worse" jobs! I've done my share of it for sure but our new house will have NONE!!

So glad your DIL is alright. My goodness, that would have scared the "bejebbers" out of me.

Happy rest of the week!

Elizabeth Day said...

How alarming that experience must have been for your DIL, and I can certainly understand your son's furry. I am so grateful she is alright and was smart enough to check before opening the door.

Good luck with the wall revamping. I don't envy you that job, but know the end result will make it worth while. At least I hope that's the case.:)

Roan said...

How scary for your daughter-in-law. No place is safe anymore. I though bucket lists were supposed to be fun I'm thinking invest in a sander if you don't already have one. Enjoyed reading your post!