Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time
It's been too long since I posted, and it's not for lack of desire. I've been spending most of my free time at my sewing machine, making a gift which has a deadline in early August.   Not only that, I am so behind in editing all the photos I've taken, I have felt overwhelmed.

1.  It's hard to edit when clicking on photos causes a "big Mac attack."  And by that I mean the Apple laptop. Ours  has been crashing every half hour  or so, at random times, mainly when clicking on an image or video.  This Mac holds all my photos of 2014.  So "picture" this: I'd open blogger, select a few photos, write a few captions, continue, and then POOF!  Crash!  Aggravating to the max .

2.  We finally had the sweet privilege of having our 22-year-old computer geek son come and diagnose the problem.  He said it appears to be a flaw in the graphics card. A hardware problem.  That explains why it's been crashing when I've clicked on photos or other graphics for this here blog or when surfing the Web. We are pretty sure that Apple will take care of it at no expense.  And it's not my fault. That's the main thing.

3.  I've finished five baby doll quilts and most of a sixth. My goal is to send seven in all through Operation Christmas Child, AKA "the shoebox ministry."  A friend who loves to make cloth dolls is making seven dolls, dressed in colors to coordinate with each quilt.  Our small group will be adding the extra little things (school supplies, toys, candy, etc.) so it's a collaborative effort I'm excited about.

4.  Our master bathroom is all but finished. Just a better window treatment and a piece of art and I'll be able to show pictures.  Provided, of course, that Mac gets fixed soon.

5.  My niece will turn one on August 12th.   Wow, a whole year has FLOWN by!!

6.   Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the death of my dear friend Carol. She left a legacy of prayer and joy.  I hope I leave as wonderful a legacy as she did.

7.  Please don't abandon me for lack of frequent posting. Honestly I do care about all my bloggy friends and readers. I just have had to focus on other creative elements of my life lately--while the confusing, paralyzing stuff like computer hardware malfunctions really screw up my plans.

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Carrie Bullock said...

My computer did that too long time ago. I had to switch to a different browser for some reason.
Yeah, I think we all hope we leave a wonderful legacy.