Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Glory to God, He Healed Me!

So last week was I was miserable in my low back. Felt like I'd fallen on my tailbone and/or lifted and twisted an 80 pound dog the wrong way--but I hadn't done any of that. Just couldn't walk more than a shuffle. Couldn't sit for 10 minutes without ice or heat on my back. Was taking ibuprofen like candy.
Getting out of bed was the worst.  Nothing was helping for very long at a time.

By Saturday I was in tears while driving home from Joann's with quilting pins.  I was under a deadline to get my quilt to Preeti, my friend who has a quilting blog and offered to quilt this for me.

Driving at 3:00 pm on a back road toward home, I began to sob and feel broken.  I cried to God, "Oh, please, dear Father, heal me. Please! I know you love me so much. I know you hate to see your child in pain. I don't deserve mercy but I am asking you to fix what's wrong. Make me well. Take my pain. Please! Abba, Daddy, my Father, you can do it. I believe you can!"

Two hours later I was sitting with Preeti, showing her my quilt.  We chatted and laughed and I learned more about her and her culture. I was happy.

More than that, I was free! Free of pain! I didn't realize until I got up and began driving that I was healed!

God did this for me! I had to tell it!


Susan Kane said...

Praise God! He heals in all ways!

Sally Henry said...

OOH!!!! I KNEW there was a reason why you have been on my mind lately! I've sent little "holy telegram" prayers every time you came to mind! I'm so excited that God healed you!! Now, rest, dear friend...

Preeti Harris said...

I was with you and you showed no signs of pain. You are a real trooper. Sending you lots of hugs and best wishes. Looking forward to our meeting soon!!!

Lea said...

Well, rejoicing with you! Back pain is the worst!! Wishing you a wonderful new week!