Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Let the Vacation Begin!

We had the great pleasure of having our grown daughter along with us for this vacation. She is a full-time nanny, does part-time cleaning, tutoring, and dog-sitting, is active in her church's children and youth ministries, and yet she arranged her busy schedule to take 10 days away with us.

She'll be moving to Florida in August for at least six months. I'm soaking up all the time I can get.

This year we decided what was important was seeing family and seeing a few places we'd not been. We each had our priorities:

  • for Paul, the NAAM festival for musicians in Nashville, seeing his brother, and touring the Buffalo Trace Distillery.  
  • For me,  sister time in her log cabin dream home,  seeing the Smoky Mountains, and getting some boating time on a lake. 
  • For Sarah, getting some sleep, seeing family,  and meeting Dave Ramsey, the finance guru who has had a tremendous influence on her, so much so that she can move to Florida with no debts and enough money in the bank that she could live for six months without a job.   
  • For Joel, he only wanted water time--a pool and a lake. (We aren't ocean swimmers, especially after all the recent shark attacks on the East Coast.) And free Wi-Fi. Being disconnected is not his idea of fun.

A mere four hours into the trip, she started getting one thing accomplished 
from her wish list.   

The sight of sleeping children in the backseat never gets old.  Particularly not 
when it has been preceded by childish bickering over what constitutes 
"good music."

   To be continued...

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April said...

Cannot wait to hear all about your family's adventures! I agree about the sleeping kids...I feel the same way.