Friday, July 17, 2015

Root Canal and Alien Teenagers (Wednesday's Words)

River posted two lists of six words  each to choose from for Wednesday.  I chose the first list and decided to try my hand again at creative writing with the prompt.  The words are:  satellite, bananas, unannounced, cherry, backtracked,  included.


Once upon a time, a baby cherry fell from the treetop, cradle and all, when the bough broke. Of course she was surrounded by other baby cherries who had fallen with her.  

Her Mommy and Daddy cherry had been eaten by two alien teenage boys the week before when they arrived by satellite unannounced. The boys had been given a list of must-eats and must-not eats upon arrival, much like Adam and Eve were told in the Garden to which they came as aliens.  (Methinks Adam and Eve were created as teenagers, but such fact is omitted from the Bible and unverifiable.)  

Anyway, to backtrack to the baby cherries and the teenage aliens...

The teenagers had been told by their alien parents to eat bananas upon arrival on earth, but as teenagers, whether alien or earthly, they didn't wait for the details, nor did they care. Food is food, and devouring it in mass quantities is all they care about. The teens didn't realize that cherries aren't soft throughout; they have pits included. 

Crunch! Crack! Yowsa! 

The boys broke all their mushy alien teeth in the feast. 

Serves them right. 

They swallowed not only pits but also their pride, and dug a canal into the roots of the cherry tree to backtrack home to their parents.  
And that is how we got the term "root canal."   



Karen S. said...

Wow, this was delightful!

Susan Kane said...

Bing cherries are in the market now. I hope the teenagers had some cherry enjoyment before the stone got even.

Lea said...

Oh, my goodness! you have such a way with words and such an imagination. You win the prize, not sure what prize, but nonetheless a prize! :o)))