Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Castle and the Sandbox (Wednesday's Words on Thursday)

Another "Once Upon a Time" story, inspired by Wednesday's Words, thanks to River over at Drifting Through Life.  


Once upon a time there lived twin princesses.  Hilda lived with the king and queen,  without a single pet, inside an opulent castle.  Their grand abode was surrounded by lush, green gardens and sandboxes filled with kitty doo-doo. 

Hilda's twin sister Helga lived with five calico kitties in a sandbox at the edge of the east garden. Hilda and Helga played together every day in a courtyard between the castle gate and Helga's hideous, stinky sandbox.

One fine morning, Helga said to her twin sister, 
"The castle is so beautiful, Hilda,  but I daresay the aroma of antiseptic spray is one to which I could never become accustomed."

"Nonsense!" replied Hilda. "Anyone who enjoys feeling clean could become accustomed to the aroma of antiseptic spray. It's rather like perfume to me now, darling sister."

"Like perfume?  Good mercy!  Would you suspect that any boy would want to get near you if you smelled
like antiseptic spray?  I hardly think so."

"Try it," said Hilda. "It's worth a gamble."


Elephant's Child said...

Visting from Drifting Through Life - and so glad I did. I do love this story. I am torn though. Kitties or antispetic smells... I suspect I would go with the kitties, despite loving to be clean.

Susan Kane said...

I'll take antiseptic smell any time. Have you ever visited a "cat lady" house? It is not good.

River said...

I'm not sure I could live with antiseptic smell; on the other hand a noxious kitty sandbox doesn't sound enticing either. Perhaps if Helga cleaned out the sandbox on a daily basis...
Great story, thanks for playing.

Susan F. said...

Visiting from Drifting Through Life. I write stories on my blog from Words for Wednesday as well - love what you did with these words! Glad to hear the twin princesses were not playing together IN the sandbox!