Tuesday, July 24, 2007

For my Contest is Easy, My Answers are Lite

Okay, I think I've made this contest super-easy. Only a minimum of review or memory needed. I have even told you where to look for most answers, so it's pretty much an open-blog quiz!

The only requirements for entering the contest are:
1) you supported our missions trip with prayer, money or both

2) you want to adopt a doll made by an orphan so you'll pray for them

Fair enough? Here we go!

1. At what US airport did all the GAiN member meet before flying to Moscow?
(See "The Journey Begins: Day 1)

2.. Where did Stanislav, the 70-year old lunch host, hear of and receive salvation?
(See "Finest Hospitality in Russia")
-at a Jesuit college
-at a Jehovah's Witness picnic
-at a Jesus Film
-in a cab with a Messianic Jew

3. Besides receiving generous donations from evangelistic supporters, I sold many things to raise money for the trip. Which one of the following was NOT something I sold? (See posts from April 5 and 9.)
-hot dogs at a yard sale
-hefty amounts of stuff on Ebay
-homeschool books online
-handmade wreaths

4. A single young mom named Tanya gave me a darling cross-stitched piece that features a domestic animal. I named the animal after her baby, Max. What is this animal?
- a koala
- a kangaroo
- a kite-winged bat
- a kitten

5. Which scripture tells us that true religion is to visit widows and orphans in their distress? (See New Testament)
- James 1:27
- Luke 5:25
- Deut 18:9
- Ezek. 14:13

6. What were the names of our male leaders in Vladimir who work for Mercy Ministries? ("See Suzdal Orphanage")
-Andrei and Oleg
-Oleg and Cassini
-Sergei and Andrew
- Olya and Ira

7. Which one of the following ways did we NOT entertain the kids?
-face painting
-magic show
-balloon animals
-Six Flags Moscow

8. Which necessity is least stocked at the Baby House?

9. Sarah clung most tightly to which individual in a Vladimir orphanage?
- Dima, the 29-year-old male interpreter
- Me, her dear and doting mother
- A redheaded Russian baby
- Sacha, our missions partner and small group leader

10. This pair of food was served us at every lunch and dinner in Russia:
- chocolate and cheese
- tomatoes and cucumbers
- borscht and bread
- green eggs and ham

Contest closes when first person gets all 10 questions right, or this coming Sunday at 5PM EST, whichever comes first.

I have taken pictures of the dolls, whom I named after four of our precious Russian friends: Olya,Ira, Ina, and Lena.
I'll introduce them soon so that you can get to know them and choose which one would be the perfect match for you and your family to adopt. Right now they are sleeping so I can't ask them questions. Ira doesn't speak English, but she really wants a mommy, daddy, and at least one sibling to play with. She is not allergic to anything, even pets.

Happy guessing and "spaceeba" for playing along!


Briana Almengor said...

1. JFK
2.viewing Jesus Film
3.hot dogs
4. kitten
6.sergei and andrew
7.six flags
9.red headed russian baby
10.chocolate and cheese

I feel like I'm on the "Price is Right". :)

Sacha said...

I hope to God (literally) that she didn't cling to Dima! (See question 9!!) BTW I wish I could play!

Zoanna said...

Bri- you've got 9 out of 10!

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Hey, I have a picture of the rag dolls on my blog, as well as an update (2 actually, because the one post got way too long, surprise, surprise) The picture isn't as close up as yours, but they can get an idea plus see the girls who made them!


Briana Almengor said...

Ok..think I've got it:
change #10 to Tomatoes and Cucumbers, and I think I've got myself a doll! :)

And, Zo..I'll be praying for you today w/ your procedure that God would make you mindful of HIS Hand carrying you and providing for all your needs.