Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Paul Took the New Job!

It's official. Paul accepted the job we've been praying about. He is quite excited, nervous, apprehensive, relieved, rejuvenated...all those things a person experienced when going into something new.

He turned in his 2-week notice on Friday. His boss's boss (the one in charge of hiring and firing) begged him to reconsider. "We'll change your job for you. We'll pay you what you want. Just think about it over the weekend and let me know Monday." We talked about it over the weekend and I was basically reassuring him that, for about six years, the "pay for performance" has been a joke, that morale has deteriorated to an all-time low, that even Paul's immediate boss wants out of there and he is the only reason Paul has been staying there for the past few years. Paul went in Monday and his boss said, "You didn't change your mind, did you?"

Co-workers are in disbelief. "You're actually leaving?" After 24 years, it's hard for even Paul to believe.

But we see God's hand and have no regrets about the decision. Paul is excited to have a clean desk to go to, no backlogs, only a future. He is looking forward to having his opinion sought out as to how to grow and manage a business. The pay is terrific, the health plan equal except without the hassle of recordkeeping for reimbursements, the commute is about the same but rather than fight beltway traffic, he'll be winding through the beautiful hills of northern Baltimore County (Long Green Pike, Cromwell Bridge Road). We can get out of debt in under a year and be able to afford college without my having to work!

It feels so good for me as a wife to see a happy husband. The Bible says "a man's gifts make room for him." Paul's many gifts have made room for him. We are both very, very grateful to God for this career opportunity that seems nearly ideal for my man, the Assistant Vice President of Underwriting.


Amy said...

awesome! yay, Paul!

Leanne said...

Congrats! So happy for both of you!

Anonymous said...

I'm rejoicing with you and Paul. I'll pass along your good news to my husband.

Anonymous said...

Zo I am so happy for you guys...
Praise God for He IS good!!!

Briana Almengor said...

My stepdad was in what seems a similar position as Paul. And, after 30 years (his entire working career) of working for a family owned company (not our family, but the time my dad put in might as well have been)...he left for a job that was offered to him elsewhere. He and my mom and the entire family was involved in the decision, but he is now very happy he made the move. HE's working for a man in their church who has a totally different philosophy in regards to treating his employees, compensation, etc. We (my mom and sibs) were all very excited for him to make the move, even though it seems so counterintuitive to do so after devoting 30 years of one's life to another company.
Perhaps knowing that another man did it might encourage Paul further in the decision he made to leave. Will be praying for the transition for all of you.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I know from some of my co-workers experience what a scary thing it is to change jobs after investing so long in a company. But you have peace about it and that's great. Congrads, Paul!

Karen said...

mazel tov!!

itsboopchile said...

So happy for you both. You seem to be celebrating so it must be really good news!!
I am watching my husband at age 83 working at a job with very little pay helping the elderly and visiting with them and coming home so happy, telling me about them.
Liking what you do is happiness and I know he is pleasing God with his giving so much of himself.
We can rejoice with our husbands, both of us.
Betty G