Friday, February 08, 2008


Thank you, one and all, for your prayers--your precious, faithful prayers. It is amazing how they lift the spirits. My pain yesterday was minimal because I didn't walk much (I drove all over creation) but today it's back, though manageable. Better than pain relief is peace, though, which I have experienced. Doing battle with thoughts is absolutely crucial. I read an article in an old issue of Biblical Counseling on chronic pain. When I have more time, I'll probably post some bullet points. The main two I'm holding onto are:
1) I am just as entrenched as anyone else n this culture which avoids pain at all costs, as if I'm entitled to a painless life. Other cultures expect it and accept it.
2) To join with the sufferings of Christ is an honor. It's an honor. Not that we are to rush to get hurt or anything, but to experience a small fraction of physical pain in comparison to what Jesus suffered for us at Calvary is an honor. Not everyone suffers well. Not everyone glorifies God in the midst of pain. Will I be one of the many called to suffer but one of the few who do it well? Lord Jesus, please help me to want the answer to be yes. There's nothing You call us to (including physical suffering) that You don't give the grace to endure. Nothing. Thank You.

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Briana Almengor said...

Good ol' JBC! I love that thing. I actually pulled one of my issues out on anger issue of the week (well, really my life, but acutely so this week).

I appreciate what you wrote about chronic pain and suffering in general. I'll look for the other bullets...I'm on my way to spend some time journaling some truth myself as I'm currently walking down the 'fear' road with an ongoing health issue of mine. Thanks for being faithful to pursue His peace and letting the rest of us in on His faithful work in your life.