Thursday, May 08, 2008


Lego Cake.
Yes, Joel turned six Valentine's Day. Guess my uploading is a bit behind the times. Ever been tempted to eat a grey cake? Me neither, but the boy wanted true Lego colors, so that's what we attempted.

He embellished it with real Legos until I'm sure there was more plastic than food on the platter. He loved it. More importantly, he loved making it with me. Three hours to make a cake that was devoured in three minutes. Was it worth it? You betcha. The little guy stood on a chair next to me while I got the green icing the perfect Lego green and every now and then just said, "I love you, Mom." Can't beat it.

Love Stamps for Soldiers. These were made by some of my young art students who have developed a soft spot in their hearts for the military.

Volcano in the making. (Vinegar plus baking soda equals a fizzy "explosion.") I didn't have regular vinegar, so I used balsamic vinaigrette. Joel ended up seeing --and smelling--culinary lava! Why is it that I never get tired of this experiment? Not that I'll ever understand chemistry, but some things you can't explain just make it that much more fun. Maybe it's why I homeschool: I just can't get enough learning, but I have no ambition to get a PhD. :) Plus I get naptime even after kindergarten.

Hummingbird pillowcase I sewed for a soldier to go with the hot pink flat sheet and white fitted sheet. I also made a card that says "Sleep Tight" to thank the recipient for making it easy for me to sleep tight in America because of what she's doing in Iraq.

A trio of feathered friends enjoy the food I put out for them. Every morning as I have my coffee and read my Bible, little birdies descend on this basket just outside my front porch window.

Sarah's adorable math lesson for the preschoolers she taught in her field placement this past semester. The objective was to teach kids
to recognize the numerals and count the objects.
She painted the discs, adhered magnetic strips to them (with magnets also on the board). She has 12 little chicks (a kiddie favorite), 6 soft feathers,
7 clothespins and other tactile goodies. The girl was born to teach, I say. (Click to enlarge the photo. It's so cute.)

hese are the flowers that an anonymous friend sent. To this day, I'm mystified (and nearly misty-eyed) remembering how this bouquet reminded me of God's eternal love for me. Thank you again, whoever you are! (Pardon the tablecloth. Looks like I was so excited to photograph my flowers, I didn't notice I'd messed it up.)

That's all for now, folks. Maybe I'll post more on the 4th of July.

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FishMama said...

Love the Sleep TIght sheet set. You're so clever!