Friday, May 16, 2008

Speaking of Compliments...

I owe someone a public apology. Apparently he was trying to give me a straightforward compliment on a meal I had made a little while back. But I took it wrong based on the sequence in which he delivered it.

I thought that when he asked,"Did you make this?" that he was slighting me and then backpedaling.

Not at all. He actually meant it looked and tasted like restaurant quality food, and was duly impressed. Of course he didn't express it so plainly on the spot as he did after reading my blog post about it, when I "told the whole world" he doesn't know how to give a forthright compliment.

I'm sorry, son. I shouldn't be so sensitive.

And thank you for appreciating my cooking. I try.


Rachelle said...

This is so take a compliment too sensitively and in the wrong spirit. Thankfully, kids seem quick to forgive us. Sorry I haven't commented in forever, been very busy.

Jessi said...

That's really funny, b/c when I read it, I thought "hmm, I thought he meant that like..."wow, you made this?!?!?" - like a compliment, just the way you are describing now, but thought I musta missed something in translation. So, if it encourages your son any, I actually took it the way he said it!! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I'm with Jessi! I thought it was a compliment the way he originally said it. Better than what people say about mine when I cook! :) I'm glad your son is able to show you he appreciates you

Amy said...

Glad you and your son worked it out :) I bookmarked that recipe when you posted it but keep forgetting to ask...what's the Mediterranean Mojo seasoning? We don't have a "BBs" here, so I don't know if it's something I could find under a different name at any grocery, or if it's something I could improvise with a few standard spices...? Thoughts? The recipe sounds yummy and I am always looking for new things to do with fish. We love tilapia but we typically just grill it plainly.