Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Quickly Checking In

This will be really quick. I am in the final days before graduation. Please pray I don't go whacko on my family. I'm actually feeling pretty good about it. I hope the decorations turn out as nicely in person as they are in my head. I am perennially plaqued by a feeling of "it's never enough" or "so and so could do it better" or "does this look really bad and no one's saying so?" I gotta get over it. Mortify it would be better yet.

Tomorrow night is our Senior Dinner at Aldo's, followed by dessert at Vaccaro's (sp? No time to look it up.) So excited about this meaniningful (and delicious) memory.

This past Friday was our Presentation Night for the year's end of co-op. It was so special. Bless Sarah and two gals named Elisabeth and Maggie for helping finish my gallery at 5:59. Doors opened at 6 ! I'll post pics next week.

Went to a memorial service today. I was humbled, once again, by the example of one lady who "made family feel like royalty and friends feel like family." She was a fabulous baker who loved to bake a special cake for each family member's birthday. One son requested coconut cake for his birthday and teased "it should be made from fresh coconut. " Anne took it seriously, bought a fresh coconut, and banged it open on the driveway, then scooped and shredded the coconut herself. There were recipes of other baked goods at a special baker's rack display near the casket. I asked her husband, Carl, "Where's the coconut cake recipe?" He said, "Oh, that's two pages long and takes two hours to make. I didn't figure anyone would want that." I told him that an hour and a half of it would be spent banging open the fresh coconut on the driveway! (I can just see my neighbors now. "She's really gone nuts this time--literally!"


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