Saturday, December 10, 2011

Storing Tree Lights on Magazine "Roll"

Once in a while I "alight" on an idea that really works. I wanted a cheap, compact way of storing tree lights that made unrolling them the next year easy.

I had no empty paper towel rolls. Toilet paper rolls are too small and rather disgusting, if you ask me.

Wrapping lights onto cardboard squares cut from boxes had always ended in a tangled mess, so I definitely wanted the cylindrical shape.

You might say I had a "lightbulb" moment. Right in front of my eyes, in the midst of the huge undecorating of Christmas, I saw old magazines headed for the recycling. Rolled one up and hey-hey! A cylinder for my lights!

I made sure the plug would be easy to get to, so rolled accordingly,.

Cheap. Easy. Compact. Effective.
What more could you ask for?


Marti said...

Good idea. Think I'll try it this year. I hate the wad of lights, and end up buying new ones because I can't get them untangled.

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Kudos to you! How cleaver! I cannot stand to try and untangle lights. Drives me insane! Will remember this.

Laurie said...

Great idea! So far I'm using gallon (or 2 gallon size) ziplock bags and it works okay, but magazines may produce less tangles! I am thankful for electricity! I think the photos I see of actual candlelit trees are sweet and pretty, but they also make me nervous and make electric lights outshine the originals in some ways!