Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fashion (Non)Sense for the MOG

As my regular readers know by now, I will have the honor, once again, of being the
Mother of the Groom.   Our second son is getting married next summer.
Naturally my first thought after, "Wait! He's still just a baby!"
was, "Okay, now, what on earth am I going to wear to the wedding?"
A lazy Sunday afternoon beckoned me to peruse the internet for some possibilities .
Shall I give you a sneak peek into a few of the options?
First up,
inspired by Grey Poupon.
Or Baby Poupon.
Take your pick.
Granny's Nightie .  It Bee's Ugly, as evidenced by the mannequin who just caught
a glimpse of herself in the mirror.

 Next up we have a modest, eye-catching number sewn by Betsy Ross.  The red part has faded to
pink over the years, but the symbolism  hasn't been shrouded by antiquity.
It begs me to inscribe "Mrs. America" on the sash.

The Queen Mum might approve of this next get-up.  
 Too bad I'm way past the age of needing mum's approval for my wardrobe.
And, I couldn't be certain
someone else
wouldn't have this same outfit on. 
 Faux pas
of all fashion faux pas. 
(Pardon my French.)

Better safe than sorry, though. Everyone wants to show their unique style for such a big event. 
For the woman who must
she won't
show up
in a dress ANYONE else would wear...

And finally, in case the deejay doesn't arrive
 at the reception,
and we have to find alternate entertainment,
I'll have  Plan B ready and waiting.
I would pull this frock out of my wedding tote bag,
toss it onto the dance floor,
and invite all guests to  play a rousing game of Twister.
  It's bound to give a whole new meaning
to the term
 "bridal party."
Then again,
it could also mean
that neither of our remaining unwed children
would even CONSIDER inviting me
 to their wedding.
That's a mighty high price to pay for being in vogue.


Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

You are hysterical! The Twister dress was the best for sure! I have no doubt that you will do just as well this time as you did the last. You'll find just the right dress and if you need our help, we stand ready. :o)

Joyce said...

Hope you're staying safe and dry during this storm! Good luck finding your dress. : )

Amy said...

LOL! you always crack me up. sure you will find something fabulous :)

Laurie said...

What to wear!?!
So many OPTIONS!
Just remember, whatever you wear, "You're never fully dressed without a smile!"

Carrie B said...

LOL Too funny. You know the 'twister' dress wasn't half bad, until you said twister. Ha.

What are their colors?