Monday, October 15, 2012

Love is Pink and Green and Sushi and Rainbows

The day after my son got Down on One Knee,  and Ambrey said yes, I just had to throw them a miniature engagement party. A bigger two-family party was still planned for October, but I wanted to do something immediately and spontaneously.

Party City had these plates, the quote lifted directly from scripture...and which was printed on Steve's message in a bottle.  Naturally, while the girl at the balloon counter was filling my order, I was full of hot air myself and gave her (and everyone  else within earshot) my rendition of the Beach Proposal story.  The girls could not believe any guy would wait 20 months to say "I love you" to his girlfriend; one of the girls looked like she was about to cry.  I told her it was not because he didn't feel it--he'd felt it for well over a year-- but held back because she'd asked him to save those three little words for when he really meant it.

Love always hopes, always trusts.

She held the hope in her heart that she'd become his wife, and trusted God that Steve would ask when he was ready and able to provide for her.   She trusted that he would include the "I love you" in his asking, too!  Some things just cannot be left out out of a proper proposal, now can they?

Back to my party story. ( I told you I was full of hot air.)  

Knowing they'd get home late  from their beach trip on Sunday night , and perhaps hungry for a midnight snack and something sweet to mark the occasion,   I picked up coordinating cups and balloons

 and sushi (which they love, as do the rest of us) ... and ...

look what else I found. Rainbow cupcakes. That was a God thing. If you read the proposal post, you  will remember that there was a unique "rainbow ribbon" overhead at the moment Steve proposed.


And after cupcakes, we took some pictures.  

Are they just about the most radiant twosome you've ever seen?  And this is at midnight!

Finally,  a picture with the parental units who are happy as can be,
but one of us is feeling the midnight hour and one is faking it.
Can you tell who is faking? Romance and parties give the faker a
second wind.
I am so looking forward to having this girl officially in the family next June!  It will be wonderful to have three daughters as well as three sons at the wedding!


Joyce said...

So fun! I love the rainbow cupcakes : )

Laurie said...

Lovely and fun!!
Since I'm from KS (the land of "Ahs"),
I'll add some rainbow lyrics:

"Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream,
Really do come true."

Zoanna said...

Good one, Laurie. I hadnt thiugyr of that. I will be sure to tell Ambrey!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

What a great story and how encouraging to see a young couple "doing it right." God's richest blessings in the months ahead and they look forward to beginning their lives together.

Nel said...

What a fun post! Congrats to all! That was such a sweet idea to have a special little party! They make a cute couple.
until next time... nel