Monday, October 29, 2012

Pictorial Play-by-Play

Around noon today...

Fairly calm. Leaves obviously scattered about during the night.

They took a seat on our tattered swing and around the grill that is
chained to the railing.
These are some of the tall trees that I have so much respect for.
Beautiful, but...the bigger they are, the harder they fall.
Leaves are supposed to fall, but the trees themselves should
remain firmly planted in the ground,right?

Um, are you just gonna stand there and take a picture of me, or let me in?
There's a hurricane out here, ya know!
Out front. Wonder how long the car cover will hold?
Tall trees above the neighbors' across the street.
More and more trees...

                                               This lonesome leaf smacked right up against
                                               my kitchen window as if to say, "HELP! HELP!
                                               LET ME IN!" 

I don't want to lose this view. It sold us on the house 13 years ago.
A mum in front, along with a deepening puddle.

                                                 The weeping willow sways... but this is one
                                                   my favorite fall scenes every year.

                                                   Reilly knows something isn't quite right.
                                             "Maybe if I watch it long enough, it'll go away."
This old gal is 14, or 98 in people years. Wonder how
many storms she has weathered? You can
certainly see the weathering on her muzzle.

                                                     I made peanut butter cookies and kept
                                               admiring my sunflowers. This is my Kansas
                                                 love picture. Comforting things.
Joel made the miniature paper chair. Cute, huh?

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                                               He also made this coat of arms in history class. Necabo Ego Te is Latin for  "I will kill you."
Hmmm. This is his personal coat of arms, not a reflection of
our family's general demeanor.

They long to be...close to me....

 It is now 4:02 as I post this.

Wind is really picking up and growling.
Reilly is growling back. Brownie is no longer resting peacefully. She is showing
signs of nervousness and just want to snuggle up to my leg.  Sweetie pie.

I am fine. Don't you worry. Pray, yes. Worry, no.  Love all my blogging buds for keeping
in touch.



Anonymous said...

Sending calming thoughts to the puppies. Stay warm and dry.

Laurie said...

I'll keep praying and keep turning worries into prayers!
Thanks for the update and wonderful photos!
(Happy sunflowers on a stormy day!)
Yes, Joel's paper chair is cute… and his coat of arms!
And your photo! Cutie!
In God's grip!

Carrie B said...

I'm praying! Looking forward to the 'after' pictures too. :)

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Well, I went to check my blogging buddies just to see if you had updated again today. I'd love to see these same pictures on a pretty day. Such gorgeous color and I pray that all the trees are left standing after Sandy does her thing. Hang in there!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Take care! Praying for your trees ... more for you but also the trees! :)