Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday's Letters

Linking up with a blogger named Ashley over at The Sweet Season.

Dear Annie's Eats, I was looking for a chocolate-coconut cookie or bar recipe last night. A Facebook friend linked you, saying there are no bad recipes on your site.   Here's the recipe I found easily.Thanks! Delish.

Dear Organization, I really like you.   Everything "kitchen" is on my list for organizing this month.
I started with the junk drawer.  Setting the timer for 15 minutes helps me when I need to stay on task, or feel overwhelmed.  Junk drawer done in 15 minutes? Seriously? Yeah. 

I forgot to take a 'before' picture. Oh well. Here are two "afters."


Bottom tray

Top tray

And, yes, that is a RAVENS magnet on the side of the fridge there.
And yes, that is my trash can. So much easier to toss stuff out
when you make it easy on yourself.

Dear Floral Designer we met Tuesday,  I think if there were a TV show called "How Not to Get a Bride to Use Your Services,"  I would feature you on the pilot episode.  Why?  Let me remind you of some of the things you did or said while my future daughter-in-law and I were with you.
 a.  (upon our entrance, saying we were there for an appointment with you)  "Today?   Um, okaaay.  My boss didn't mention that. ... Hold on. Let's see if I can find you in the book."

b.  You want lots of baby breath?  You know it stinks, right? To me it smells like feet. When it comes in, I always Febreeze it.
 c.  You want what kind of flower in your bouquet?  Good luck. That time of year it's high cost, low quality.  (not true, said a different florist)  Better have a back-up flower in mind.

 d.  I try to get out of wedding shows. They take up the whole weekend. And I'm not a people person. I am a designer. I am not a salesperson! I keep telling my boss that! I am a designer!

Dear Rain, Please go away. You're not welcome here any more right now. You know it's bad when you see neighborhood animals marching two-by-two down the street.

Dear Sun, You came and went today as fast as a paycheck.  Please, either turn white or turn loose of our part of the country!



Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Oh, my goodness, can't believe you and your future DIL's app't with the floral designer. My heavens! I might just have had to say something. :o)

Yes, the rain is not welcome here either for at least 5 years. :o)

Happy weekend!

Joyce said...

Well she wasn't lying when she said she's not a people person : ) I'm curious as to her age?

Zoanna said...

Joyce, my guess is she is about my age. She wore no makeup, had a thick Balmer accent, mispronounced some flowers' names, and kept pushing greenery even after my sweet Am said a few times, no greens, just white flowers.

April said...

Sounds like you might have to find yourselves another floral designer! Maybe she was just having a REALLY bad day! Hope you have a happy weekend!

simonsayswithbreaklights said...

April, thankfully we have a new person. She said there's a big difference between a florist and a designer. I guess florists are people people and actually want to bring in business to the shop!

Zoanna said...

Oops! That was me, not simonsays... Apparently my daughter's friend was using my laptop last night .

Susan Kane said...

I expect there will be a "Closed" sign in that designer's window soon. Love the cleaned up drawer. I have two drawers in the kitchen that need that approach.

Beth Zimmerman said...

That designer was a MESS! Glad you found an alternative!