Tuesday, January 15, 2013

GratiTuesday: 1000 Gifts, #22-42

 1000GIFTS 413x300 300x217 Counting 1000 Gifts (22   43)

Dusky Light, Surprising Reflection, Lovely Shadow

22.  thick fog that shrouds beauty in mystery
23.  looking at 2012's calendar and seeing more highlights than I'd remembered
24.  hazel eyeshadow

A Gift Held, Passed By, Sat With

25. my husband's hand 
26. a grandpa with his little granddaughter taking a walk
27. my Bible

A Gift Sour, Sweet, Just Right

28. Simply Raspberry Lemonade
29. date syrup
30. Twining's Bedtime Blend tea in a K-cup

3 Yellow Gifts of Fresh Mercy

31. eggs , scrambled or over-medium, to start my day
32. juicy pineapple chunks in my boy's lunch
33. a banana to revive my energy in mid-afternnon

Something Above, Below, Beside

34. a roof that doesn't leak
35. a basement  used for watching TV, taking refuge in during storms, doing laundry
36. a portable 12" electric heater

3 Things About Myself that I am Thankful For

37. I  can find humor in most situations.
38. I  have enough interests that I am rarely bored.
39. I  can think fast on the spot, so coming up with Plan B isn't usually hard.

3 Startling Graces of God

40. He calls me His child.
41. He paints the sky differently every single day, changing it subtly or dramatically as He pleases, using only words.
42. He uses flawed humans to carry out some flawless, divine purposes.

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Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Love this list and brought a smile to my face this evening. So much to be grateful for if we just take notice. Thanks for the reminder!