Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wonderful Weekend Wrapped Up

Well, I wonder if I'll ever write another single-topic blog post again?  Probably not this week anyway.

WE WON!  I was a doubting Thomas, but I was wrong!  The Ravens BEAT the Broncos!  I thought surely the thin air and 8-degree weather and light snow and being on the road and the fact that we were up against Peyton Manning would all spell close game/ultimate defeat. Wrong. Way wrong!

People, if you haven't heard, read my lips:  We won by a field goal in double overtime. It doesn't get much more exciting than that!  38-35.  That was the best part!

The worst part?  I missed the whole second half of the game!!!

Why?  Because my good friend Ashley and I had made plans for a girl's night out to see Les Mis.
She knew I was conflicted.   Wavering between staying home with the family when the game was tied at halftime, and going out with her.    It's a rare treat for me to go to the movies (I haven't seen one on the Big Screen for probably two years) because I rarely want to spend money on movie tickets and overpriced concessions.  But she had free passes and invited me.   I told her that yes, I'm a big Ravens fan, but I'm an even bigger fan of my friends.  You can always watch replays of the game. She even treated me to popcorn and a drink.

Of course we had our pick of seats. Only about 50 other people were in the theatre.  I figured as much on a playoff game night.

What a phenomenal movie. Oh, my word! Without a doubt, the best film I've seen in years. Years!
The plot, the music, the singing, the actors perfectly chosen for their roles.  The costumes, the lighting, the themes!  Redemption, forgiveness, love conquering hate. Living for the sake of others. Dying for one's beliefs.  Wow, wow, wow.    I sat there next to my friend who lost her brother to brain cancer last Easter, but amid the sadness she walked out saying, "It made me think so much about heaven, with the people who love you waiting for you to come!"

I visited a church today that had a guest speaker, a pastor from a church in DC.   He was preaching on Psalm 119:97  . "Oh, how I love your law. I meditate on it all day long."  One thing he said really impressed me.   He is leading his congregation in memorizing a scripture every week this year. Not just the kids in Sunday School are memorizing, but the whole church is memorizing the same verse each week. They post it on their Facebook status, they tweet it, they recite it at dinner, they review it at small group, and then on Sunday, they recite it in unison.  What a demonstration of loving God's Word!


April said...

Big congrats on your team's big win! WOO HOO! I've seen Les Mis performed live and loved I need to see the movie version. I've heard folks just raving about it!

Joyce said...

On the bright side-you get to watch the Ravens play next weekend : ) Its going to be a tough game I think. I loved Les Mis...I might see it again. It's always been one of my favorite plays and I think they did a great job with the film.

Zoanna said...

Joyce, I would love to see it again! And I agree, I think the game is gonna be tough against the Pats.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Yay for the win!

My son has seen Les Mis 2 or 3 times already. I haven't seen it yet though everyone I know LOVES it.

I've been in several churches that encourage whole church memorization. TheChurch@ (yes, that's the name ... there are 2 campuses and growing) also did a handout and CD for all the kids in Children's Church so that the whole family could be involved in the topic and memory work each month. REALLY cool stuff!