Monday, May 20, 2013

Daybook, May Edition: 5.20.13 or 5/2013

I decided I wanted to link up with...

The Simple Woman's Daybook  today.   It's a creative meme to help us capture the bits and pieces of our lives--pieces  large and small, practical and heartfelt, settled or confusing, ordinary or extraordinary.  If you're stuck in a rut or just want to convey what's going on in your here-and-now, please consider writing a Daybook of your own. Be sure to leave a comment and then link up in the neighborly  way by saying hi  to another daybooker or two.  

Because I like numbers so much, and words so much more, I will use today's date, 5/20/13, and structure my answers to have 5, 20, or 13 words each. Let's see if I can pull this off. 


Outside my window
... a lawnmower hums, a robin sings, and the sun is graces us Marylanders with 79 degrees. Love this May weather!

I am thinking... "God, please give me strength."

I am thankful... for  my beautiful, godly daughter. 

In the kitchen... the floor shines and smells of Mop & Glo,  Chicken wings await seasonings: Old Bay, teriyaki, and BBQ.  Sound good?

I am wearing... rust top, black pants, glasses.

I am creating... tab top curtains using yellow tweed with a plaid pattern which makes cutting and sewing
a breeze with built-in lines.. 

I am Joann Fabrics tomorrow with a friend who has generously offered to make my mother-of-the-groom dress--free! 

I am wondering... if you can spy what's creepy here? I nearly dialed 911 over this. 

I am reading... Child of the Holocaust.   Still. 

I am hoping... to  finish making the ringbearer pillow by tomorrow evening,  and present it to my  almost-daughter upon completion of finals. 

I am looking forward to... blogging the big reveal of my guest/craft room that I've been working on since my daughter vacated the premises.

I am learning... that pocket rod curtains are much less time-consuming to make, but lack the fun factor of tab-top ones.

Around the house...are dirty tennis balls, thanks to a certain Golden who refuses to carry them to the  basket in the garage.

I am time goes faster when blogging than when doing laundry. Or dishes. Or ...

A favorite quote for today...

"Do you pray for strippers to get saved? ? Drug addicts?  Muslims?"
  --Pastor Crawford, Freedom Church Baltimore

One of my favorite things...  WAS our  convertible, sold Saturday. Loved to ride in it on days like this. But like me...leakage issues. :(


A few plans for the rest of the week: 

Prep for school art show, attend our 11-year-old's music performance, help our  soon-married son move out.  Cry,

A peek into my day...

After school, I was craving this. But my favorite local dairy  is closed Mondays.  Call it God's grace, not self-control !


Lea Culp said...

Daybooks are the best and I always enjoy them. And, of course, you always add a "flair" to yours that makes them ultra fun!

Can't wait to see your craft room.

Good for you, free seamstress.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Susan Kane said...

You are one busy busy lady!

I tried to pick out what you almost dialed 911 over. Will go back and enlarge it. Was someone nearly falling over the railing?

Beth Zimmerman said...

I never crave something "healthy" like strawberry ice cream. But something like pecans, pralines and cream, especially if slathered in hot fudge or caramel, and bring on the cravings!