Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Model T Field Trip

Today I took my students on a really fun field trip: we rode in my neighbor's Model T Ford. It was the perfect way to culminate our study of the famous car and its maker. We rode in a 1914 brass-era car. We learned how difficult it is to start the thing, to change a tire (no, we didn't break down, he just demonstrated), to check the gas (you have to lift the front seat cushion up to find the fuel housing). But we also discovered what a blast it is to ride in it! Wind in our faces, zipping down the street at a whopping 30 mph, waving to neighbors.

If I get parental permission from everyone in photos, I'll post. Otherwise, I'll see if there's one or two where I'm the only recognizable one. I doubt it. We took mostly shots of the kids and also group shots.

When we were finished, a couple kids say they want to ride in it next year. I'll have to figure out how such a request would fit into a non-20th century era study.


Joe said...

I've never had to start one of those old cars, but I have ridden in a Model T. What a gas!

What did gas sell for in those days?

anne said...

Fun trip!

krista said...

What a great idea! Can I come next year? ;o)