Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Six Things That Make Me Happy

A tag from Krista.

1. Driving my convertible with the top down on an 85-degree day.

2. Teaching. Those "a-ha!" moments when students finally "get it" intellectually. Or, like today, when one of my students got a terrific grade on this year's first history quiz and said, "Mrs. Zubrowski! I can't wait to show my mom! She'll explode with surprisement!"

3. Brian Regan's humor. My favorite sketch lately is his one about run-on sentences. Go to YouTube and search the key word "reading". He also has a hilarious bit about lazy writing. "Take, for example, the phrase, 'one thing led to another.' Paraphrasing his joke, "I hate it when people write, 'One thing led to another and--. What kind of lazy writing is that? Ummm... (pretending to read), "Adolph Hitler's application to art school was rejected. One thing led to another and the United States was engaged in war with Germany."

4. Princess Diana roses blooming up around my lamppost. As I get out of the van (or into it), I get a lovely whiff . The salmon color is beautiful in summer or fall arrangements.

5. Being told I smell good, especially by my husband or littlest child. But I like to think my students notice and keep the compliment tucked away in the Fond Memories section of their brain. I want to be one of those teachers who is remembered for smelling good. Thirty-eight years from now I want my students to smell a perfume that triggers wonderful memories of their 5th/6th grade year when they learned how life-changing it is to understand the difference between direct and indirect objects.

6. Having my hair shampooed. If I were independently wealthy, I would pay just to have someone else shampoo my hair and massage my head whenever I want, for as long as I want, at the exact temperature I want, and never get my collar wet in the process.

If you share any of these "happinesses," you're tagged. You don't have to use them in your tag, I just want to see who identifies with my little loves in life.


Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog these days. It's so fun to hear how you are using your gift - grammar queen - to bless the little guys. again, I wish my boys could benefit from your passion for all things word.

as to pleasures, ditto on the brian regan, smelling good; and having hair shampooed or played with in any way.

sorry i've been comment negligent. I am in over my head with getting school going.
My own pitiful blog may never recover :) .

Joe said...

No, see, I like driving my convertable in any temperature but at 85 mph.

Good post, though.