Monday, September 15, 2008

Praying for Dawn to Meet the Light (new title!)

I realized several hours after posting this that my old title was theologically incorrect. It was "Praying for the Light to Meet the Dawn." Silly me! The Light--Jesus Christ--has known her since before the foundation of the world. It is Dawn who needs to meet Him!

In our care group is a tender-hearted, evangelistic couple named Toby and Kelly. Several weeks ago Kelly told us that she had a burden for the families in her neighborhood, namely the women.

She wanted to start a ladies' evening Bible study that would accomodate women who work during the day--which is probably 75% of her neighbors. Her husband asked her to stroll around the neighborhood 7 times, praying for the women, before handing out even one invitation.

(I joked, "So, at the end of the seventh march, are you gonna blow a trumpet and flee from all the tumbling houses?) She complied with Toby's wishes. And, for the record, all the houses are still standing.

We prayed together at length over this matter during a care group. In so doing, I got a picture of a woman with her nose pressed up against her window, watching for someone to come to her door with the good news of Jesus Christ. This woman, in my vision, was a petite woman, nearly pixie-like, with long blonde hair. I shared the vision with the group, albeit a bit timidly, and also shared that I saw several houses on her street lit up at night. The houses that were lit up had been touched by the Light Himself.

In faith, Toby and Kelly printed up invitations and she passed them out to women on their end of the street (I'm thinking about 20?)

What happened next gave me goosebumps. The first night (last Monday) Kelly had only one lady come to the Bible study. Her name is Dawn. She had been wanting to read her Bible more, but didn't exactly know how to get started. Kelly described her as Catholic, a social networker, having blonde hair below the shoulders, and "so small you could put her in your pocket."

Her name is Dawn. What is dawn but the first light?

Please pray that more ladies would come to the Bible study tonight. It's the book of Mark in which Jesus is clearly on display.


Amy said...

WOW!! Lord, draw more of those women to Kelly's house and open their eyes to Your beauty...let there be LIGHT in that neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

What's Kelly's blog again?? BTW, if she wants to talk to anyone who's done something like this for many years, tell her to talk to De N. She's been having a neighborhood Bible study since for 7 years, I think.

Beth said...

That is awesome!!! Tell Kelly we'll be praying :)

Beth said...

"reader" is beth kilbane. don't know why it says reader :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, all. Her blog is called Wildlife and Home and is on my blogroll.