Saturday, July 23, 2011

Daybook Entry, Six-Word Answers. 7.23.11

Quietude here. Assorted thoughts. Inspiration courtesy of The Simple Woman's Daybook. I'm limiting myself to answer each question with six words. Think I can do it?

outside my window... sounds from the dark, deep woods.

I am thinking... I want a pedicure rather soon.

thankful for... Jesus--my Anchor and Refuge always in September were much cheaper!

from the learning rooms... piano lessons; thankfully I'm not teacher

from the kitchen... new groceries, gorgeous $4.50 wildflower bouquet

I'm wearing... blue tank top, khaki shorts, glasses

I'm creating...mental lists of Things to Do

I am hoping... my mom's tearduct surgery goes well

A picture I'm sharing:

He's homesick and misses his girl.

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