Sunday, July 10, 2011

You Old What?

At the family reunion yesterday I wanted to casually surprise my "non party" just-turned-50 hubby with a "non-party birthday cake" in such a way that he would "non find out" about it. It's a bit hard when you're hosting and your fridge, countertops, and tables are already full of stuff. So a few days ago his sweet cousin volunteered to buy one and bring it.

Her: What are his favorite colors?
Me: I don't know that he has one, but he likes the Ravens, so purple and black.
Her: Okay. What should I have them write on it?
Me: I dunno How about, "Happy birthday, you old buzzard?"
Her: Okay. See you Saturday!

So Saturday came and the cousin was late, not in any small part due to the errors on said cake. First the colors weren't right. There was nothing they could do quickly to change the blue and red to purple and black as requested, so his cousin said later to us, "Just pretend, Paul. If you're not too old to pretend, that is. Pretend you see Ravens colors."

When she got to the Costco bakery department to pick it up, his cousin also noticed the message atop the the cake said "Happy birthday u old buzzer."

"No, no, not buzzer. Buzzard--you know, like the bird?! B-u-z-z-a-r-d."

The bakery lady then froze the cake a good while, took it out, scraped off the hard, misspelled letters and "fixed" the mistake.

This is what we got:

We laughed so hard. We've been calling him Buzz Rad ever since.


Joyce said...

Ha-hilarious! And maybe a little sad that they are so inept. Happy birthday to your hubs!

Laurie said...

Talk about a "cake wreck"!!!
This mistake was well worth it!
What a 50th birthday classic! And to think... you didn't even have to plan that fun, just leave it to the Professional Bakery Department!
Happy Birthday to "Buzz Rad"!!

Rachelle said...

You're very own Cake Wreck! I honestly thought those kind of mistakes were rare...

Pat said...

I am in the floor laughing still. I am sure it was not funny at the time to you but I needed the laugh today!

Zoanna said...

Pat , it was funny then and still is!!