Friday, January 06, 2012

Ben's Boards

Our firstborn is about to be married, and of course as a mom, I've spent a lot of time trying to remember the past 23--almost 24--years of his life which have sped by. Ben was
born with a passion to succeed, to get ahead, to accomplish more than the average Joe. (No offense intended if you're Joe or love a Joe.) In fact, he was even born "ahead of the game." The day after my baby shower, three weeks ahead of his due date, it was like he said, "Okay, Mom, I'm 7 and 1/2 pounds, very long and strong. I gotta get outta here. You've got the clothes, diapers, crib, and car seat for me. You've got the milk. I'm good to go." The contractions started up at 9 a.m, lasted all day, and then he "clocked out" of the womb at 5:00 pm on the dot. It's the time of day that he is now ready to leave the office after a productive eight hours. Boom. Planned. Executed. Done!

When it comes to sports, he's always been good at them--baseball, soccer, and lacrosse especially. In fantasy football leagues he has won several times, even as a high schooler up against grown men. He won again this year in one of his three leagues. By one point!

He's logical, methodical, and can build a case for almost anything. He can reason like a trial lawyer, and wear me down like one, too. I remember when we were going to get a new dog after our border collie died in 2002, I made the kids write a persuasive essay about which kind they wanted. Stephen just wanted "a good dog." Sarah wanted a puppy because she loves babies, and puppies are so cute and you can train them the way you want them. They don't come with bad habits. (Hahahahaha.) But Ben had multiple reasons for an adult Golden Retriever from the shelter. He was specific that way, and substantiated "why an adult dog," "why a Golden," and "why from the shelter." (Three main points with strong supports under each one. Way to go. Gotta love that.) Guess what we ended up with?

The very first "real" job at age 16, he wanted to work as a bus boy at our local Italian restaurant. (Well, he really wanted to wait tables because of the bigger tips and interaction with people--including girls--but he wasn't old enough to serve alcohol.) He marched in there, head held high and looking sharp. He interviewed with the manager while I waited in the car. An hour later, he came out with a contract.

This Christmas when I went shopping for him, the list included mostly things off his wedding registry that he will need in the apartment before the wedding. (He is moving in on January 14th, and his bride will join him when he carries her over the threshhold in March. Sniff, sniff. )

The shopping trip made me recall Ben's boards--the ones he has asked for as he's grown up.

When he was 12, he asked for a skateboard.

When he was 17, he asked for a boogie board.

When he was 19, he asked for a snowboard.

And now he is 23.

Here's the board he asked for this Christmas.

Son, may you spend a lot of time in prayer as you "iron out the wrinkles" in your new life as a married man. I love you.



Carrie B said...

This is so sweet.
Our oldest is now living on his own and on his Christmas list were a meat thermometer and salad tongs. :)

Marti said...

A great post! Our kids just grow up too quickly. I try to document all their steps along the way, it is so fun to be able to look back and remember.

Carey said...

Oh, wonderful post! Most oldest is 13, but I know the next few years will fly. Sounds like he has a great "head on his shoulders."

Anonymous said...

A son to be proud of. I hope my two sons don't grow up too fast, though. Time is flying by!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Love this! And, no doubt he will need this ironing board if there's any ironing to be done. I don't think the young women of today even know what an iron is (including my own daughter and DIL). I am fanatical about ironed clothes!

Sounds like you have a son with his head screwed on straight.

I think I've said this to you before, but it is tough on a Momma's heart when her son marries. Our son had lived out of the house for 10 years when he married but we still felt he was ours. But, when he married, it was different. :o) It's been 7 years and he's still "happy as a lark" and all is well.

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog earlier today.

Danielle said...

That's funny!

One More Equals Four said...

I LOVE it...if he will just use it, his wife will ADORE him! My hubby is better at ironing than I am, however it takes him forever so I always end up doing it!

Sounds like he will be very successful, good luck the next few months with the planning...remember, you are gaining another daughter, not losing that sweet son!

Zoanna said...

My son and husband both like to wear ironed clothes and my hubby is better at it than I am. I call him "Iron Man" and our son is like him in this way (and many more). I was tickled, but not surprised, that he asked for an ironing board.

Anonymous said...

This is too precious!

Rachel Anne said...

This post made me tear up - DARN YOU! You know how I feel about my boy.

I know the days are probably flying by as you prepare for the wedding. He's going to make a great husband!!