Monday, January 30, 2012

This 'n That

1. It looks like we may have found a photographer who can pinch-hit for us for the wedding. If you've been following my blog, you'll know that our previous photographer has had to step down due to a health crisis. The photographer says he can meet our budget. He comes recommended by a few friends of my future DIL's. This is great news, considering that five others Dee talked with had already booked their wedding date and/or were too expensive for us.

2 . I dont' know about you, but when I make my to-do list, I seldom combine tasks that I want credit for individually accomplishing. "Sweep and mop kitchen floor" are two different tasks. "Fold and put away laundry" are also two different tasks. And of course, "Walk a mile" and "Do resistance training for 10 minutes" are two different things. Perhaps you're a fitness nut who thinks I'm crazy for not just putting "work out" on my list. Oh, no, that's only one thing. I hate to sweat, so when I do, I want extra credit whenever possible.

3. The other night I was chatting with a friend who packs elderly people's things before movers come to move them into assisted living units or condos. Many of her clients are quite wealthy. One woman has a walk-in closet that is bigger than my friend's bedroom, and it's just for shoes.
"You couldn't wear all those shoes in a year if you changed three times a day!" she told me. As for the cost, my friend saw many boxes with the tags still on them. One pair was $1900. Gulp! I don't think I could ever, ever, ever justify spending that kind of money on shoes if I had it to spend! One pair!!!

4. I plan to participate again in the A-Z challenge on my blog. I've been pondering how to go about my posts. One idea is to go with memories again, because I've not used up all my memories, believe it or not. Another is to post a quote and then respond to it. A third option is to
do "Poetry and Pictures" with each day having a picture and a poem I write. That would be a big challenge. Got any thoughts on that?

5. I am still wishing for a blizzard. It's not winter without a huge white blanket of the fluffy white stuff. Temperatures have been much too mild for January in these parts.

6. Pretty soon I'm going to take a weeklong computer fast.

7. Tonight my middle two kids are getting together with a friend to discuss a plan to take to the pastors about reviving the youth ministry. Or something. Reviving might not be the right word, but the youth aren't fellowshiping enough and my Steve and Sarah have a heart to see them grow closer to the Lord and to each other and have a more vital role in the church and community. I can't tell you how blessed I am by this, coming from two people who already have solid-packed schedules.


Danielle said...

Yay for Steve and Sarah taking that initiative!

Susan Kane said...

You are one busy lady.

The Youth Ministry will be exciting and challenging, and I think from what I read of/from you--you'll revv' it up, not just revive.

#4: Your ideas are great for the A-Z. I feel like I get 'locked in' to what I usually do. The A-z gave me some needed zip last year.

God bless you all.

Laurie said...

1. Photographer!!!
2. You know how it works!
3. Shoe shock!
4. A-Z challenge? Hmmm. Go with the funnest.
5. I want the fluff without fierce flurry!
6. Weeklong and fast? (Do these go together?;)
7. Jesus, the Christ!!!!

Zoanna said...

Laurie, what do you mean about number 6?

Rachelle said...

Yay for a photographer!

My favorite shoes are the ones I buy on sale! And waaaay cheaper than the ones you mentioned. I hope when I'm elderly that I can bless my children with NOT having to clean out, or pay someone to clean out, my collections!

Laurie said...

#6-? Yeah, It's not clear enough to be humorous.
(Oh, I do try sometimes!)
I was trying to contrast "long and fast" and thinking how a fast is often so "long". (weeklong fast)
Yes. Moving right along.
I'm all for the weeklong fast and I've told Mike I should maybe join you…