Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hospitable Kids

They wasted no time in showing hospitality after moving in.

What a joy to get a text from Dee that very night to come over the following day. The occasion? The NFL play-off game between our Baltimore Ravens and the Houston Texans. While I'm a big fan of the home team, my greatest thrill was being among Ben's first party guests. I never expected that to happen so soon. I thought for sure he'd want his buddies to come over instead of his family. The only one who didn't go was his dad, who was (and is) still not feeling well. After an hour teaching Sunday School, Paul was "wooped." But that didn't stop the rest of us.

I thoroughly watching the couple in action, setting up snack trays and putting in pizza for us. We took some munchies and more drinks after asking, just to be good guests. It's pretty cool being your son's guest. A first for me, and I loved it.

This is one happy host and hostess, let me tell ya.

Steve dug into the tortilla chips 'n salsa.

Isn't this dip-and-chip bowl adorable? The chips WERE in the helmet. Believe me.

Big sister, little brother.True fans of the Ravens--and each other.

The Ravens looked amazing on Ben's huge plasma TV that he got a GREAT deal on. To think that 25 years ago we moved into an apartment with a 19" TV that had a dial. The remote control was a person--the sucker who had to get up off the couch to change channels. All three of them.

The twin sisters have their men well-trained. I need to learn
the secret to getting a shoulder massage so easily.

By the way, for the uninformed--the Ravens won! One more
win and we're headed for the Superbowl, baby. I hope Ben
and his Dad can be together for that. I did tell Ben that if
he wants his dad to come over, tell him you need help fixing
something. He can't resist making himself useful, especially
to his kids. Maybe it's a generational thing. Ben had a confused
look on his face as if to say, "And why does he need a
reason to come over?" I don't know. All I need is an invitation.


Laurie Reyes said...

I think it must be such a joy to see your grown son and future bride showing hospitality! I love it. :) And I want the chip and dip helmet. any idea where they found it?

Laurie said...


Marti said...

Isn't it great to be one the receiving end of parties. I so enjoy going to my children's homes and letting them host.

Susan Kane said...

What a great day! I love the happy expressions!
We bought a b/w 17" TV from a moving neighbor, for $25 when we were newly weds. We didn't have a TV w/remote until our 2nd child was born.