Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hodgepodge: Talent, Miracles, and Disney Songs

Here's this week's Hodgepodge.

1. A new Miss America was crowned on Saturday night-did you watch? If you were a contestant what would your talent be?

I did not watch it. Usually I like to catch some of it, but I have strong opinions about what parts of it should be nixed (starting with the swimsuit competition). If I were a contestant, my talent would be sticking my foot in my mouth. I can do it with or without shoes on, walking forward or backward, underwater or high in the sky, I can do it with my eyes shut tight, in a plane or on a boat, on any day of the week, and in any media format. I'm telling you, when it comes to the talent of saying regrettable things, no one could beat me. I'm unstoppable, except by the power of the Holy Spirit.

2. Do you have houseplants? Real or fake?

I have just one houseplant--a real, live, red poinsettia from a thoughtful and (not-so) secret Santa. When it dies, that's it; I'll chuck it, having loved and lost without remorse. It used to make me feel guilty that I couldn't keep houseplants alive. Then I remembered I have enough other things in my life to nurture and feel guilty about. I would put the Guilty Over Dead Houseplants card into the Discard Pile of Feelings. Now I just don't even buy houseplants. And for the record, I don't like fake plants.

3. When you were in school did you speak up or were you more of the hide your face, avoid eye contact, and pray the teacher didn't call on you type of student?

That depends on the years we're talking about. In K thru 2nd, I changed schools often and was insecure, so I hid. I even went by my middle name in second grade because "Zoanna" was such a weird first name. In 3rd-10th, I was confident (stayed in the same school, was a good student, became a cheerleader in 7th grade, competed in speech contests, and was generally comfortable with teachers and peers. The only classes in which I hid were math and science classes if I didn't understand the material or was the oldest student.

4. Next Monday marks the Chinese New Year...what do you order when someone suggests Chinese food?

I LOVE Chinese food, and it's hard to pick a favorite meal. Mongolian Beef at PF Chang's ranks up there, and I also like Chicken with Broccoli. Last night I made Oriental Chicken Salad with pineapple, mango, curry, sour cream, mayo, and scallions. Yum.

5. How would you define a miracle? What would it take for you to consider something a miracle?

A miracle is something that can't be explained or predicted, that actually goes against the odds of happening. The billions of things that have to happen to create a healthy , full-term baby is a miracle. A brain-injured person whose been comatose for a month and then wakes up is a miracle. Beating cancer is a miracle. And, when certain people show up on time or do what you ask them, it's a miracle.

6. What's your favorite Disney song? If you're stuck you'll find a list here.

"Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious." In fact, when I posted about my new fridge, in which you can see Naked drinks stocked up, I found myself singing, "Super-cali-voyeuristic-my-they-look-delicious..."

7. I should have picked up my students' portfolios to grade yesterday.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

My daughter now informs me that, if she gets a full-time job with the school system in the fall, she wants to move out. Waaaa. She said that seeing her brother's new apartment is making her really want to get out and decorate her own place.


Joyce said...

Hoping your daughter lands a job! Baby steps...at least she's home with you now : ) And she'll be nearby. I wish I were closer in geography to my girls. Sigh.

Marti said...

When your children leave the nest is is a bittersweet thing. You miss being such a vital part of their lives, but you rejoice as you see them spread their wings and fly.

Carrie B said...

Oh, I forgot about the 'certain people showing up on time' miracle!

Son #1 thought it was going to be sooo great out on his own...until we reminded him of his cell phone, car insurance...
He's making it work but appreciates the unstressful lovelyness of the the homestead more now.

The Henry Crew! said...

As much as they drive me crazy sometimes, I know that in a few years my littles will start leaving the nest... and my heart already hurts for that day... definitely bittersweet, I'm sure.

kae1217 said...

mmmm Mongolian Beef from PF Changs. Ok, I can I change my answer? We don't have a PFs locally so it's a big deal when we do go. Yummo!

Amy said...

Your answers cracked me up, so clever. Especially 1 and 2. My mom is a teacher and so am it is so great to have that resource, even though she is so far away.

AuburnChick said...

Awww...it's hard to let the kids go, isn't it? As far as sticking your foot in your mouth, I complete empathize. I am socially awkward at times an have said a few things I wish I could take back...nothing meant badly but that just came out the wrong way. For someone who's as good with the written word, I suck at the speaking part. :D

Amy said...

I. totally. love you.

#1, #2, #6...there was no end to the clever, witty, honest delightfulness in this post :)

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Love #1! Sounds like your nest may be emptying a bit faster than you had planned. I can tel you that it isn't all bad once you make the adjustment. In fact, it's kind of nice. :o) I couldn't imagine life after kids, but it has been a wonderful time for Hubby and me.