Saturday, January 14, 2012

French Door Fridge

When our fridge died a couple weeks ago, and my handy hubby couldn't fix it, we were left with two options: spend $500 to have it repaired, or buy a new one.

It was a no-brainer.

After a few hours of shopping, we concluded that this one at Sears on clearance for half price would be best for us. It's an LG French-Door Bottom-Freezer style. I love the way it opens so wide to make room for large trays or dishes after a party. Not that we've had time to throw a party this week. It gives easy access to our food without all the bending. Tall people around here especially love that.

It came with plastic protective coating that we later peeled off per the instructions. The only thing I don't like is how old everything around it looks now. It would be lovely if the new fridge came with
a new kitchen. You know the salesman could've thrown that in, couldn't he?

My first thought when I saw the fridge opened and brand spanking new and clean in my kitchen? Take a picture. It will never look this good again.

We haven't done a huge shopping yet (too much else going on) but I must say I really enjoyed (which is quite rare for me) going to the store to get some essentials. I also transferred a few items from our chest freezer for a photo op. It's all about the blog, right, friends? (Tell me you don't think in blog posts and I'll tell you I was Miss America.)

Our fridge is not just a fridge. It's also a nudist colony. Take a peek.

Not all of our groceries are voyeuristic. Some are discreet. Or perhaps they're downright frigid.

I put the veggies and small stuff in the shallow drawer, and the pizzas and meats in the
large bottom drawer.

I feel so organized. Bless my salted sweet butt.

The kids want to host a Ravens play-off party tomorrow. Guess we can put our big ole--I mean big new--fridge to the party test. Go team!


Katharine said...

How awesome...and big!! I love the space. We will be cheering on the Ravens tomorrow as well(the hubs is from Baltimore) Enjoy your fridge, and the game!

Laurie said...

Fabulous Fridge! You're a funny lady, Zoanna!
(Yes, I often think in blog posts, yet lately my bloggy thinking is foggy. "Blog fog", ya know!?)