Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gifts 148-168

I'm continuing to count 1000 gifts this year.

3 Gifts that were "Plan B's"

148.  my art students being 2 weeks ahead of deadline today, enabling us to be of greater help to the director by taking on a second set decorating project
149.   my husband working from home yesterday
150.  having a leisurely talk over breakfast at Panera with my friend because Bible study was not meeting this week, only to run into two MORE friends there from Bible study!

A Gift at Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

151.  clean dishes from a dishwasher
152.  farm fresh cheese from Amish county
153.  leftover shrimp gumbo with jumbo shrimp that was on sale. Made a jumbo pot of Jumbo Gumbo!

3 Gifts White

154.   toilet paper (just sayin')
155.   clouds in a blue sky
156.   a pearl necklace from my dad, given years ago

3 Gifts that Changed Today

157.  my mind
158.  the time
159.  the temperature inside and out

A Gift of Tin, Glass, Wood

160.  a can of peaches
161.  tinted windshield
162.  end tables

3 Gifts Before 11 am

163,  my husband took the boy to school (which is quite out of the way but he told Joel "you're with it"--and I could stay in my jammies longer
164.  scripture that spoke directly to me
165.  a warm blanket over me

A Gift Worn Out, New, Made Do

166.  my husband
167.  his anti-reflux medicine that helps a lot
168.  jeans that are a bit too long but get the job done


Carrie B said...

I'm enjoying your gifts lists.
Just thought I'd tell you that.
Makes me think of the little things that I take for granted. Which is precisely you're point, right?
Anyway,thanks for reminding me. :)

Susan Kane said...

The can of peaches tickled me.