Saturday, February 09, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook, 2.9.13

This evening, I am linking up with one of my favorite memes, A Simple Woman's Daybook.


Outside my window...
earlier, the wind was whipping up in Pentecostal gusts.  Now there's just a gentle winter breeze a-blowin' .

I am thinking...about how to redecorate my daughter's room when she moves out in a few weeks.
While I love her personality in it, the color choices are a bit bright for me. (Three walls lime green, one deep purple, and all trimmed in turquoise.  I am leaning toward a pale, buttery yellow.)

I am thankful...for laid-back Saturdays like today. Productive but unhurried, including a midday movie (Taken 2) with hubby while folding laundry.

In the kitchen...a bouquet of flowers lifts my spirits.

I am outfit that would turn heads--away.

I am creating...
my first piece of graphic art for my first ever attempt at set decoration.  I'm excited but nervous. How will it turn out?

I am hem a pair of pants for my husband. First time in 26 years of marriage he has ever needed pants hemmed because they were too long.

I am wondering...if my old dog will take her last nap in the pile of leaves at the bottom of our yard. Twice today she wandered down there, despite the wind, and took naps. I told my husband I wondered if she was trying to die. He said no, she goes down there a lot because it's warm in those leaves.

Still I was afraid and sad, praying silently, "Okay, Lord, I grew up in the country. I know animals instinctively go away from home to die. Has she gone as far away as her legs and hips will take her today? Are you mercifully letting her breathe her last, very naturally, very peacefully, relieving me of all guilt for making a difficult decision?" Not wanting her be alone if such was the case, I laced up my tennis shoes to go be with her. But before I got outside, she arose and trotted back up to the house when I called.  

I am reading...a couple of different books I've picked up, put down, lost track of, picked back up.  Yes, I'm a slow reader and easily distracted. 

I am hoping...
that our family will be permanently settled into a new church by the end of April.  It's been a long search, and it's not over. We are feeling strongly about the one we've been attending for several weeks now, but still have lots of questions for the leaders when their pastor comes back from a sabbatical in April.

I am looking forward to...seeing my daughter's face when she comes home tonight and tells us about signing the lease on her first place.

I am learning...a couple of Bible study methods that are really taking me deeper into God's Word, a study the whole church is doing together.  I love this concept!

Around the house...are signs of progress in the purging of stuff.

I am pondering...whether to get involved with a homeless ministry.

A favorite quote for today...

Track the wines you try, follow your friends, and receive wine DEALS!

One of my favorite things...

is listening to my boy sing.  Pure sweetness.

A few plans for the rest of the week: 

-attending church
- taking my son to a hand specialist for his broken finger
-celebrating his birthday (February 14th)  on Valentine's Day with cupcakes at school and something at home
-getting an ingrown toenail pulled. Is that TMI? This stupid toenail is keeping me from enjoying life to the fullest, and so far whiskey hasn't dulled the pain. Maybe I'll switch to Percoset  Just kidding.
-After enduring the toe torture, I will reward myself with the joy of a haircut.
- I also plan on attending a ladies' Bible study and breakfast (two different church groups, cuz I'm a wanderer, yeh I'm a wanderer...")
- teaching an art class
-and trying to find time to reconnect with a couple of friends face-to-face.

Full steam ahead!

A peek into my day...

Photo: Finally found it! The dress I'm going to wear to my son's wedding! Ain't it PERTY??

Should I make this as my mother-of-the-groom dress, or go for something off the rack? Hmm.  Until I decide, I'll be using my sewing machine to make curtains for the basement and pillows for the family room.


PS My daughter just walked in the door. Her face is radiant after having written the biggest check of her life thus far: her security deposit.  One of these days, smiley faces and writing big checks won't occur simultaneously.


Karen Koonce said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your description of life after Lexapro was spot on. It served its purpose for the time that I took it, but I was ready to start really feeling life again.

Can't imagine your thoughts/feelings about your 14yo dog. Being that we aren't in the country and our dogs stay inside, I won't have that wandering off thing to worry about. But it will be difficult when the time comes. We have a Wire Fox Terrier who will be 10 in April, and a Great Dane who will be 6. Due to life expectancies, we could lose both around the same time, and that is not pleasant to think of!

Joyce said...

I started volunteering in a soup kitchen last month and went for the second time today. They have a lot of volunteers so for now I'm only on a once a month rotation. I have signed up to sub when needed too and will also bring donations periodically. One day there really shifts my perspective about pretty much everything. I enjoy the people and the crew too...we actually prepare the lunch on site so its a 3 hour stint.

Your line about what you're wearing made me smile : )