Monday, February 04, 2013

We are the Champions!


Our team, the Baltimore Ravens, won Superbowl XLVII ,  baby! 

It's a magical feeling,   All day I've felt like I was tied to the tail of a kite. Minus the fear of falling if I let go.

This was not just any game.
This was OUR game.
OUR team.
OUR Superbowl.
It was Ray Lewis's last game of his 17-year career with the Ravens.
This game was a homecoming for Ed Reed and Jacoby Jones who both grew up in Louisiana.
This game had two brothers competing for one title, one trophy, one ring.  (Apparently their
dad was wearing a cap that was half Ravens and half 49ers.)
This game had all the hopes of Baltimore riding on it.

I would always remember Superbowl 47 as the year I was 47.
The 49ers could not go and mess that up.


Now for the recap from my angle. 

I loved everything about the Superbowl, starting with a family party hosted by our son Ben and his wife Dee. It's so much fun to "turnover" this responsibility for hosting once in a while!

 The Superbowl party began Saturday, actually, with the making of food, of course.
Our daughter Sarah took it upon herself to make 
bacon-wrapped jalepenos,
buffalo chicken dip,
pretzel cookies,
and chocolate covered strawberries.
I offered to help, but she said she had it under control.

That she did. 

All I did was add purple tissue paper. Go me. 

Then came Sunday morning,  11:40 a.m.

I thought my kids knew better, but...

Ben texted me during church

from his house

to ask if the wings

should be boiled in vinegar and beer.

I texted back, "yes, and water, too, equal parts barely covered.  20 minutes." 

God forgave me for texting in church; do you know He is a Ravens fan? Yes, look it up. What bird did he send to minister to Elijah?

Sunday night...

Ben and his dad babysat the wings in the broiler.  (By the way, Ben is wearing Torrey Smith. Sadly, early in the season, Smith's brother was killed. It was one of many hardships the Ravens faced together this year.)

Dee seasoned the wings perfectly with Old Bay, my favorite. Another batch got hot sauce, which I heard were good, too.
The whole, wonderful spread.   Siobhan (Dee's twin sister) loved the chocolate covered strawberries (plural).  I enjoyed the one I got (singular).

I love the chips-n-dip helmet.

And then everyone settled in for some pre-game viewing pleasure.

("All is calm, all is bright"...for now. )

The Ravens take a sweeping lead in the first half. It's comfortable, feeling like an easy win
on the way.  We relax. 

It even feels a little dull at this point,  but that's better than being behind, right?


Beyonce's halftime show (aka soft porn, if you ask me) is something I could have done without. I'm glad my hubby took a bit of a nap on the floor, head turned away from the TV, or at least pretending to "zone out". Good man.  Like the wings, Beyonce' was barely covered and sizzling hot.

Then, I guess her energy level zapped all the power out of the lights.  The stadium went dark in the stands. Weird. I would have.been.FREAKING.OUT. if I were there.

Seriously, New Orleans?

What was up with the power outage? 

Photo: From a fan. Some dark humor.

I asked nicely for family photos during halftime, and everyone obliged. Thankfully we had Siobhan to take the whole Zub clan's picture. 

(L to R back row:  me, Ben, Joel, Paul, Steve/ front row: Dee, Sarah, Ambrey (Steve's fiancee')

Just the guys.  I love this picture of my hubby. He is in his element.

Just the *young girls.

Apparently, Beyonce' channeled her energy into the 49ers at halftime, because after that,
we were given "a run for our money."

I guess little brother Jim Harbaugh couldn't bear the thought of playing second fiddle to his older brother, John, in this showdown. 

Okay, let's see if I can throw any more cliches into one blog post. Ugh!

The action brought us to our feet...

I made some "passing" comment about needing Flacculence, but it stunk.  (If you're not tracking, Joe Flacco is our quarterback.)


We loved SuperBouldin's catches. We bit our lips when Ngata sprained his knee in the 3rd quarter. Noooo!!    Can't you tackle with one working leg?  Thank God for teammates!


Confetti Angel
Joe Flacco. MVP QB.

Overheard Ben say, 'Babe, I think this is the most tension we've had in our marriage so far."   Awww...


Ray Lewis.  
Legendary linebacker.
It is said of him that he not only inspires his teammates, he inspires his opponents.
What a leader! 
For our family, the festivities had to end there.  Our girl teaches first grade (and she wished she had taken off the next day).  Our youngest son is in fifth grade.  He was hoping for a day off, too.
In fact, all Baltimoreans agree that February 4th should be a national holiday starting today.
Flying high here in Charm City.
Tomorrow is the Ravens' Welcome Home parade.
I won't be there. Not fond of crowds, overpriced parking, or wintry weather.
But I'll be there in spirit.
Cheering for our team.


Joyce said...

How fun! Felt like I was there with you : ) I was in spirit-pretty sure we were standing at the end too. ha-the most tension in a marriage! Let's hope he can always say that : )

I would not have been happy with the power outage.

Yay Ravens!

April said...

Sure looks like y'all had one fun time! Big congrats to your Ravens...I was pulling for them all the way!

Laurie said...

I'm cheering for you!! What a fun time with the family too!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Well, since I didn't watch the SB, I feel better now that I've read your post. Enjoyed sharing in all your family fun! How neat that your whole family could share in such a fun time!

Susan Kane said...

Great party! Ours was simple: I was the only Raven fan with a family of 49s. Go Ravens!

Carrie B said...

Welll being on the West Coast of course I was rooting for the 'other team' but I will congratulate you on your teams win!

Looks like you guys had a great time!