Saturday, February 09, 2013

GratiTuesday Delayed; Counting 1000 Gifts, #85-105

Coming in a bit late with this list this week, but I am continuing to take the Joy Dare at A Holy Experience, Ann Voskamp's blog.

A Song Heard, A Soft Word, Light Seen

85. "The Old Rugged Cross,"  sung congregationally at a recent funeral, transported me back to my daddy's lap when I was a little girl in a Baptist church
86. "Ahh, you're warm!"
87.  headlights which both guide and warn

3 Old Things Seen New

88. the word "Let" in "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly."
89. Black-eyed Susan--never saw before that they have 14 petals 
90. my arthritic, old dog jumping up like a puppy when she sees me

A Gift on Paper, in a Person, in a Picture

91.  coupon for $10 off groceries
92.  hospitality  
93.  graphic artwork created by my youngest

3 Gifts Red

94. a big coffee mug
95. traffic light 
96. the last clean dishcloth in the drawer

3 Gifts on Paper

97.  Latin-to-English translation homework my boy likes to do
98.  40 Days in the Word Bible study
99.   Baltimore Sun's front page and sports section this week

3 Gifts Found in Writing

100. in an old file drawer, a never-sent adoption application because I found out June 26, 2001, that I was pregnant 
101. clarification of thoughts
102.  humor

3 Gifts Found When Bent Down
103. a basket of clean-smelling laundry
104. a good stretch  in the lower back
105. the look on my retriever's face when I reach for his tennis ball

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Beth Zimmerman said...

Love this little peek into your world! =) My German Shepherd is arthritic too so I know what it's like when they turn into a puppy again when they see you coming!