Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Chicken Noodle Soup for Their Souls

It's cold out, baby! So cold you just want some hot chicken soup for your soul, right? Well, come and get it. That's what's cooking in my kitchen this weekend. Whether you're sick or not, chicken noodle soup will make you feel better.

I will be making it from scratch. That's right. No storebought broth this time, but the real McCoy. The chicken breast will be slow-cooked till it falls of the bone. A healthy dose of salt and pepper, some bay leaf and onion. Oh, boy, I could get up from the computer right now and make a pot of it.

When the broth is nearly done, I'll drop in some wide egg noodles and let them soak up all that delicious flavor.

Want some? I might even make it tomorrow (Wednesday) if you let me know by noon. I have all the ingredients on hand. Found a great deal on bone-in chicken breast today, thank the Lord!

For 16 oz....... $8
For 2 rolls $1

Remember: every bowl you order gets us one mile closer to serving Russian orphans.
Anybody want some Chicken Noodle Soup for their Souls? Even if you don't order, please pray for orphans of any age, in any place, next time you eat a bowl of soup, okay?


Renee said...

You're right. How much we should be thankful each time we enjoy a hot bowl of soup or a cup of coffee, with fresh crispy bread, and soon after this thinking of how to do so that those who miss that may have the same happiness than us. You already know that we did several trips as your daugher is planning, my husband more than I, but yet we had the same purpose and experience. Also since our oldest son was a baby we fostered orphans in other countries, till they were grown up and they had finished to acquire a professionnal ability. We are writing to them, sharing photos, and so on. Our 1st foster child was a Indian girl who became a nurse and a home mother in the same orphanage where she had been brought up. Then we fostered a boy in Madagascar who just got his diploma in electricity. The last gift we sent him was the money to buy his tools to be able to work by himself. We always had the photos of our foster children in our dining room. For a little amount of money every month it's possible to give to an orphan a better future. I do wish that you can get enough money to help the Russian orphans the best possible way. Bye. I'll come soon again.

Kitty Couture said...

Sounds truly yummy, Zo!
Renée's testimony is thought provoking... Or ought I say soul-provoking?

I hope I didn't do wrong yesterday in assuming you wanted me to take part in the meme. Have a wonderful day! Hope lots of people buy you that delicious soup.