Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mystery in the Victorian Manse: Chapter 2

Between the Basement and the Banquet

How long had those people been down there screaming? Why didn't I hear them before? Who are they? Some of their voices sound so familiar. Did I know them? Were we related? One voice sounds like a woman from my old neighborhood. I can't bear to think about it! Is it too late to go back? But the invitation! Would they have an invitation to the manse even if I went to them? It doesn't matter, I just have to tell them!

Julia's thoughts were interrupted by a wonderful aroma. She looked up to the top of the staircase. She knew the banquet hall was up there because she could smell the delicious food. She imagined a white plate the size of a steering wheel, filled with sauteed vegetables and big, fluffy golden rolls, better than she'd ever tasted.

The grey-haired man reached the landing and didn't look back. He nearly skipped the top step in his hurry to exchange his invitation for a seat at the banquet table. Julia's heart bubbled with joy to think she had almost arrived.

A loud moan broke in on Julia's eagerness.

"Hellllp me, please. Some..body...I'm sorry...Tell Him I know...I want Him now...Somebody...anybody!"


peg said...

excellent writing, Zoanna.
thought provoking and challenging. we're starting alpha tomorrow evening and I neglected to invite one person..I'm convicted! please pray for me to do better at inviting.
And keep up the writing!

Renee said...

I just discover your writing talent! What a gifted person you're. I guess you never feel bored! Is this chapter part of a already written novel? or a novel in progress? Was the 1st chapter already online? I like writing too, and I published just a few books already, but no novels! I wish you a very good thursday when you awake. Here the temperature is very cold (under the icing point).

Zoanna said...

Thanks, Peg and Renee.

This was actually a dream a had a short while ago. I embellished it a little in ch 2 but the screams from the basement, the narrow staircase, the invitation in hand, the people on the stairs, the photos, they were all part of the dream. I added the sensory details about the banquet.
Renee, part 1 is in my January archives.

This is it. Just 2 parts. Unless God inspires more. What He's done thru this dream is prompted me to build a relationship w/ my neighbor, Susan, across the street. She's Catholic but not religious.

Peg, our Alpha celebration dinner went GREAT. TWELVE poeple signed up. That is HUGE for us!!!

peg said...

after I read you blog I 'evited' my neighbor and all my siblings (7 of them!)
my neighbor's busy and my siblings didn't respond, but my consience was a little eased!
I've heard we have a lot of guests coming and will let you know (we're doing this with another church in town)

Zoanna said...

Peg, I am doing a happy dance about how quick you are to respond to conviction. Wow. I tried to catch your Paul after his message but couldn't, just to tell him I was quite impressed with several things. 1) you guys wanting to replicate the love up there but realizing it doesn't mean copycatting the programs, per se. God is Creator and gives us creative ways to spread His good news. What works in southern states might not work in New England. 2) Keep your birdfeeder full. I remember this daily because when I'm having my quiet time, I look right out to my birdfeeder and my neighbor's house, the neighbor I want to build a rel-ship w/ before inviting her to Alpha.

peg said...

thanks for the encouragement! I watch my birdfeeder during my quiet times too!
we had 9 guests last night! Praise God!!

Zoanna said...

Peg, Nine??? That's quite a record considering the size of your church! Were any of them your sibs?

peg said...

nope. not this time.