Thursday, January 25, 2007

Super Bowl Sunday Chili For Sale

This is truly comfort food. We need all we can get as we lick our football wounds. For those who don't know, our Baltimore Ravens lost to the Indianapolis Colts in the playoffs. The Colts used to belong to Baltimore. They were our team for a long, long time, until one wintry night in the last century they were stolen away on the Mayflower--moving truck, not the original Mayflower, if memory serves me. So Marylanders of that era--of whom I am one--found the playoffs to be as much about revenge as about winning. And when you lose, where's the revenge? Well, "vengeance is Mine," says the Lord, and I trust that means in football, too. Besides, we know God is a Ravens fan. He sent one out of the ark to do special work. He sent ravens to feed a hungry prophet. (On a funny sidenote, when Ben was about five and listened to Veggie Tunes, he thought the lyrics "Our God is above all men" really said "Our God is a football Man.")

All that to say, I'll be making a big pot of chili for next weekend's game. GO BEARS!!!!!
If you'd like to order, please comment, call, or email by Thursday, Feb 1. Cornbread, too, by the way, is on the menu. What's chili without cornbread? OR maybe I shouldn't serve cornbread. It sort of reminds me of the Indians...apolis, Pilgrims, Mayflower.
Ah, well, I hold no grudges. You can take our Colts but you can't take our cornbread away!

$10 for a spaghetti jar size
50 cents per square of cornbread

OR $40 for a whole crock pot and $5 for a tray of cornbread (9x13 size).

Did I say GO BEARS!??!!!


Libby said...

zo, the Super Bowl is next weekend-Sunday the 4th! =) Just thought I'd let ya know!

Zoanna said...

Thanks FOR catching my mistake, Libby. I thought the kids told me 2 weeks ago "the Super Bowl's in 2 weeks." Obviously I am more of a chef than a fan. But still a RAVENS fan.
I've gone back and edited my post. My bad, your good!

Just Jonna said...



Anonymous said...

Go Colts too! ;) So, Josh's teams are Ravens, New England, Colts. Obviously two of those teams are out, so we're rooting for the Colts.

Renee said...

I see that you support your team as well and as much as missions! Our Down Syndrom Son is a tremendous supporter of the Lyon soccer team (the large town nearby us) which has won the French championship for the last 5 years! He wears the team clothes, the cap, the scarf... and his room is full of posters! I wish you a very good week end. Today I put a cross stitch design with 2 Amish dolls on my blog.

Zoanna said...

Oh, my.Seems the rivalry is gonna be hotter than the chili. If you're gonna root for the young ponies, don't bother eatin' my food. It's sacred.