Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Pronto Provencal Soup This Sunday

I NEED ORDERS BY FRIDAY NOON. I CAN ADD SHRIMP, CHICKEN, BEEF, OR SAUSAGE TO YOUR ORDER for an additional cost. Please leave comment or email me with your choice.

SHRIMP add $3.00 per 16 oz soup order
CHICKEN add $1.00 per 16 oz " "
BEEF or SAUSAGE add $2.00 " " " " "

BANANA BREAD ....... with nuts $2/slice...
without $1/slice
APPLE CRUMBLE....................$3/serving or $15/ 9x13 tray

Only making one tray of crumble and 2 loaves of banana bread, so first come, first served:).

Be sure to check out
Sacha's new blog, too,where she has posted her creative efforts.

I have decided to make Provencal soup this weekend. As I said in my post below, it's a tomato based vegetable soup, slightly spicy, and very colorful. It contains zesty canned tomatoes with green chilies, zucchini, yellow and red peppers, and herbs. For a finishing touch, just before serving, you float a blanched plum tomato (in halves) and top each with a small square of Swiss cheese, which melts immediately from the steam of the hot soup. Perfect for the cold snap we're supposed to be getting.

All portions will be 16 ounces.

I cannot promise homemade bread since my kneader is missing in action, but if you want bread, I'll post what I'd charge you whether storebought or homemade.

That way you can have soup and bread in one delivery. I will only deliver to church and must know by Thursday at 1 pm so I can shop accordingly. Please make checks payable to me at the time of delivery if at all possible. Cash is fine, too.
This week we're offering apple crumble while supplies last.

16 ounces Provencal soup........9.00
2 Rolls.........................1.00


FishMama said...

Sounds SUPER YUMMY! Wish you were closer.

Danielle, if Josh (or the babies)still wants meat, this sounds like you could easily add shrimp or grilled Italian sausage.

Zoanna said...

Fishmama, thank you. I wish you lived closer, too. But Kansas is close to my heart, so in a way you are close.

Danielle, did you get my email yesterday afternoon? I said I would be happy to add meat to your order if you want chicken, beef, or sausage. But shrimp is also doalbe since it's on hand, but of course I would have to add to the price per 16 oz. Let me know. I'm gonna start it Friday night or Saturday moorning since my Sat afternnon and evening are taken up with commitmesnts.

Anonymous said...

I just emailed you back again. Mmm, this does sound good! Sausage or shrimp does sound best, we love both (I wasn't sure what would be best with the other ingredients). We'd love to have rolls too, for sure!

Zoanna said...

This is tickling my funny bone, Danielle. I emailed you back I guess while you were commenting. I suggested beef or shrimp to complement it, but I avoided shellfish when pregnant. Whatever you want, though, sweetie, I can put in, cuz as I said, I have to go back to the store anyway for plum tomatoes that looked better than yesterday's, and fresh rolls for ya.

Renee said...

Dear Zoanna. I'm so astonished that you're ready to be so busy cooking and baking to help your dear daughter to go Russia. God bless and help you! Does somebody else help you cooking and shopping? I do wish that you can earn much money for this trip. I'll come back soon.

Zoanna said...

Renee, no need to be astonished. It's a small scale operation, really. I am pretty used to cooking large quantities, since we're a family of six (outnumbered by menfolk!). It's easier to double a pot of soup than almost anything else in the kitchen, and if the extras don't sell, I can freeze them for us later. I have always loved to serve from my kitchen. Guess it's one way of saying "I love you" that comes naturally. Other ways of serving are a bit of a sacrifice!Thanks for your encouragement. I think we'll appreciate the trip more if we work toward it, don't you?

Zoanna said...

Dear Renee again,
I haven't had success opening your blog from your link when you comment. It gives me a message: "Cette page est inconnue." Would you kindly type your URL for me here so that I can copy it into the browser? Thanks.

FishMama said...

Don't ask me how I figured it out, Z. But here's renee's blog.