Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Soup Tonight, Anyone?

Local folks:

I'm launching the next product in my line of Zo Z's Cozies. Soup!

Every week I will be offering soup and fresh rolls from my kitchen. Normally I will ask that if you want to order the soup du jour (or soup du week, however you say it--help me out, Renee and Isabelle!) then I need your order by Wednesday night. I'll be cooking soup on Saturdays, and delivering it to you at church on Sunday morning.

HOWEVER, I have also made soup today. It's my own creation, so order if you dare. (Just kidding.) It's Great Norhern Beans with Chicken 'n Corn. It's got lots of different spices but is not spicy per se. (It's not White Chili. The broth is not thick.) Sarah just keeps saying, "What smells so good in here?"

I am selling soup in my continuing effort to raise money for our Russia trip.

Suggested donations will vary depending on ingredients.

Today's Soup:

.... 16 oz. $6
.... 32 oz $11 I'll have rolls today but not from my machine.

Since this is spontaneous today, if you want soup tonight or tomorrow, I need to know by 6 pm tonight or our family will eat it all.
>I'll check my email periodically until 6, or you can call me.

It'll be ready about 6:30.


FishMama said...

You're amazing! What a cleverly creative idea. When Spring hits, do entree salads....

I'll be praying that this endeavor is successful.

Bethany said...

Wish I lived near you.

Renee said...

We say "SOUPE DU JOUR" on the menu of a restaurant.
But as you make soup once a week, it can be called "SOUPE DE LA SEMAINE"
I find your idea wonderful, as now the making of Xmas crowns is out of season. I wish you many friends buying your soup. The purpose is so worth of your effort. In our church we sell cakes for such purposes. It's the 1st time I see someone selling soup. But I'll share the idea, be sure.
It was a great pleasure to open your blog this morning.
God bless all your efforts to be useful for Him and for needy people.

Kitty Couture said...

Renée was faster than me ;) Wish I could taste your soup! :)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to order some soup for next week! If you're starting the Sunday pick-up this week, let me know what soup options you have. Wonderful idea!

Anonymous said...

You better up those prices if you want to get to Russia!!! Just kidding.

So I guess your hubby is on board with you accompanying Sarah now? That's great!

Zoanna said...

Danielle, you'd be my first customer. I'm so tickled (and somehow not surprised) yet intimidated. You are the queen of soups (how's that for a title?):))

Since I haven't made my soup decision for the week, guess what? You can suggest one? I will be grocery shopping tomorrow, but I'd like to decide on the soup by 2:00 today. Is that okay? I was thinking about Provencal soup, a vegetable soup with a tomato base. IT's Paul's fave. After dishing it up, you place 2 scooped-out halves of a blanched plum tomato and lay a small square of Swiss cheese over each. I'd provide the tomatoes and cheese, too.

As for bread, please pray I find the kneading paddle for my bread machine! It's always supposed to be returned to the machine after handwashing. It's not there!!!

Renee and Isabelle: Thanks so much. I love the sound of Soup de la Semaine. Anyone know that phrase in Russian?

Can anyone suggest reasonable prices? I don't wanna gouge anyone, but at the same time I can't sell it just at cost, either. The prices I posted for yesterday's soup would accomplish that goal, but is it too low as Beth suggested? Help! I'd never make it as a businesswoman, would I, cuz I'd give it away.

Anonymous said...

Provencal soup sounds good, although Josh does like having meat in his soup. However, it might be nice to expand our horizons because I've never had Provencal soup and a tomato based soup sounds good because I just made white chicken chilli last week. Really, though, you decide because different soups take different amounts of time and effort.

I hope you find your bread kneader. That's funny because my mom always complained that she could never find anything because us kids would put things back in the wrong places, ha ha!

It does seem your prices are rather low. It is a fundraiser, so I'd up it. You need to cover all costs (including time) plus make money off of it so it's worth your effort. Regardless of what you say the price is, Josh and I are planning on giving you and Sarah our budgeted benevolence money for the month as a donation to your trip.

Looking forward to whatever you make!