Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Five Thousand for a Bowl of Porridge?

Before you sell your birthright for my soup in the name of our missions trip, please know that it's not , at this moment, definite that I am going along with my daughter. That's the ideal for which I have faith, but my hubby and I have much to consider before deciding for sure.

Sarah really wants me to go. She cries easily at suffering (and so do I), especially the suffering of children. That's one reason she wants a familiar shoulder to cry on.

Both of my older boys will probably have jobs in mid-June so their availability for Joel is limited. That leaves Paul to take off and for Joel to have other caregivers when he can't be here.

Sacha is making other travel arrangements, not going straight from the US to Russia, so besides me, she was the only person we knew and trusted to chaperone our priceless gift of a daughter to a foreign country.

So, before you decide that my soup is worth its weight in gold rubles, donate as if we are raising $3,000. When Paul gives the green light, we'll send out letters asking for dough straight out. Meanwhile, thought you might appreciate the heads up.

Thank you, Beth.


Anonymous said...

I think that it's great that you cleared that up!

Bethany said...

Oh I hope you can go. Russia is an incredible country!! I went there the summer after I graduated High School. I loved it there.

Bethany said...

check out
She is a blogging friend that is a full time missionary in Russia. She is in US right now visiting family.