Saturday, December 20, 2008

Can't Go Back

I was never a hot chocolate snob. Sure, I had my preferred packet mixes, and liked milk much better than water.

But then came Danielle's recipe. I made her Hot Chocolate Mix tonight, exactly as posted. Wow! I'm won over. It's delicious. A few of Ben's friends, bless their hearts. came over tonight to keep him company and watch the Ravens game in the basement. (So kind of them, since he can't go anywhere with his arm in a sling and a good deal of pain still.)

I asked Joel to go downstairs and take drink orders. He simply asked them, "Want some hot chocolate?" They all said no. Then I called down the steps, "It's homemade!" Suddenly Ben and Dan piped up, "Sure, I'll take some!" I served the hot chocolate in Irish coffee mugs and squirted whipped cream on top. Luke C said, "It looks barista style." I told him he could change his order to yes, but he was still full from dinner, I guess. I couldn't talk him into it, but there's still time. I also sent some with Stephen over to Eric's (in a ziploc bag, not a mason jar; hey, it was spur of the moment and I figured if they were gonna get any, it'd have to be tonight in a ziplock.:)

I love reading fellow bloggers' recipes, but seldom try them. (I'm pathetic, not apathetic, so don't take offense, please.)

Tonight I made an exception. The damp chill, a bit of company, a trip to the store earlier for the ingredients, and a little boy who loves hot chocolate and whipped cream all begged for this recipe to be made tonight.

Glad I did. Love it!

Phooey on packets.

I can't go back.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Always nice to know when someone tries a recipe you posted and likes it! Glad it helped make your evening enjoyable. And yes, it's a lovely gift with a set of mugs.

Anonymous said...

Happy, yummy sipping!
I was reminded of the "Hot Chocolate" scene in Polar Express (Tom Hanks does conductor voice).
If you haven't seen that scene, you must! It may be the best part of the movie!