Monday, December 08, 2008

Sweet Funnie, all in one

It's not every day a person gets a shot of joy in the middle of chaos. But today it happened.

In history class, I had the kids cutting out World War I pictures that I had photocopied from internet sources. They had to rewrite the captions in their own words beneath the pictures. It was zooey for me, going from student to student, helping them spell, making sure they were using complete sentences in their own words, getting glue boogers out of bottles, and so on. I was knee-deep in questions, feeling rushed, and wondering if anyone would rather just be reading from a textbook and filling in blanks. I just can't teach like that, no matter how hard I resolve to give up projects for simplicity.

Then came that joy. While gluing his second picture on, one boy said, "Mrs. Zubrowski, I hate to admit this, but...I really like your class."


krista said...

Love it!!! :oP

Anonymous said...

Hee Hee!