Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Three Wee Rings: My Anniversary Song this Year

Three wee rings aren't boring at all
They just don't fit me; they are too small.
Blame four sweet children
Hormones and choc-o-late
And I’m not very tall.

Oh, oh,
Jewels by day and jewels by night
Diamonds, rubies, shine so bright.
My eyes lingered on toys for my fingers,
Sparkling at Coleman's store.

The nice clerk, she measured me right:
My old rings were much too tight
Two decades and
twenty-four months had
Added two sizes to

My, aye,
Ring finger (I'm sad to say).
Felt relief --oh!-- right away.
"Come back on the tenth," she said to us,
"They will be ready then."

Ate at Roy's --we had a great time--
Set us back far more than a dime.
Maui Wowie, that was my sallie(d)
Tasty and pretty food.

Paul had
Spicy Salmon, I had fish:
Butterfish it was delish
Hard crustini, one martini
(Not really, but it rhymes.)

Then came une piece de resistance
Chocolate lava cake for romance
A la mode I love to promote
Though it hangs on
Far too long.

Hence the
Need for sizing
Three wee rings
Up two sizes, bling ca-ching!
I'm so happy, hear me clappy
My honey spent much on me.


Anonymous said...

(Sing to the We three Kings refrain.)

Oh Oh! Glad you had
A real good time
Nice enough to make a rhyme
One more year with Paul, your dear
And rounded by three wee rings cheer!

Anonymous said...

This was great. My son asked me if I was reading Mrs. Hevesy's blog (because I was laughing out loud). I'm so glad you came last night. You and the rowdy Kare(y)ns were the life of the party.

Anonymous said...

Very cute!

Kelly said...

so just to confirm - you had your rings resized? makes for a great gift!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I had all 3 rings resized. The originals were 4.5 which is smaller than my pinky, currently! The anniv band (Paul's gift to me on anniv # 10) was a 5, but still fit (kinda/sorta/squeezy/peezy). I had all 3 upsized to 6.5 and they'll be ready Jan 10. I'm ecstatic!

I told Paul over dinner that night, "You know the most romantic thing you did back at the jewelry store? It was when I was oggling over the sapphires and you took out your hankie and wiped my drool off the glass case."

(Just kidding. I only drooled in my mind, and he doesn't carry hankies.)

Kelly Sauer said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I appreciated what you had to share. That whole relational thing is pretty tough for us women, no matter how old we are, isn't it?

I had found you a while back through Danielle's blog; I was actually very encouraged by your post last year for post-partum depressed moms. I linked to it in a recent post on a blog I do with my friend.

Amy said...

you are so creative and hilarious! glad you had a good anniversary :)