Friday, December 19, 2008

A post for women only...

Last night Joel accompanied me to Barnes & Noble for a couple of gifts. While browsing near the back of the store, he told me he needed to go to the bathroom. Well, when I'm all's he got for potty partnering, I don't let him use the men's room. I'm phobic that way.

So I scoped out the ladies' room. Coast was clear. I ushered him in and he starts doing what he's there for. When he came out, he washed his hands and then looked for a paper towel. There were none. He didn't see electric hand dryers either. But then he spotted a feminine product dispenser with a sign that read "Napkins 10c".

He looked up at me and quite matter-of-factly said, "If I had ten cents, I would buy a napkin."


Anonymous said...

Cute. Hey, how did your class turn out? Did you find that book or do something else?

Zoanna said...

Class turned out fine w/o the book. OUr half days go by really fast. By the time we had our two remaining 1910 TV show guests "on," and exchanged gifts, and played board games (ie chalkboard games) and ate tacos, it was time to go. But I'll hang on to the title if I'm teaching this again in two years.