Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chime in, Ladies

Here's your chance to help a young man in a practical way with nothing more than your two cents. We love to give advice, don't we--tell people our opinions and how we feel? This is an open opportunity for you.

My son, Stephen, has just written two posts. Read the first one first ("Modesty and Deference Admired") to get the "theoretical" and then his "Paradoxical Preference" where you get to chime in on ways a man shows his care for you. It would help that he hears from a variety of women, not just his mom. I am only one person with one set of preferences; he needs a variety.

May I also say I do believe Stephen will never lack for young women standing in line to be his wife? I mean, come on! The guy made a Greek Christmas dinner for us, plays Sorry with his little brother, knows how to clean house, sponsors and writes to a Compassion child, and writes sweet things in cards for dear ole Mom. That's just skimming the proverbial surface. Stop me before I launch an all-out brag fest.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Braf fest well-deserved! You forgot leading worship and being brave enough to bring correction to hearts that "have already chosen to respond in a sinful manner". Love that guy.