Monday, May 18, 2009

Coming Attractions

The past five days have been full of good stuff. I am sure all the things I want to post about are far more important in my pea brain than they are to any of my readers. Nonetheless, twin features called Twaddle Dee and Twaddle Dum(b?) will be coming to a computer screen near you:

-my pantry reorganization project
-the making of our veggie garden

and something that's not twaddle to me: pictures of my students (once all the parents have agreed to let me post their kids' faces online).

Is it just me or is doing a project more fun when you know you can blog about it? :)


Karen said...

it's not just you, Zo! I like the "conversation" surrounding a project almost as much as the project itself sometimes. :)

Laurie Lynn said...

Oh yeah ... it's not just you! I "think in blog posts" sometimes! Today while I was "helping" my husband (helping mostly by being nearby, but I did plant some strawberries after he did the hard part of preparing the soil) we were chatting about something and as I was musing, he said, "I think I hear a blog post coming on." He knows me very well!

Laurie Lynn said...

PS I'm looking forward to the "coming attractions"!