Saturday, May 23, 2009

Want to be Named Among My Marigolds?

Today I planted our vegetable garden. We have tomatoes called Big Zac and Goliath (which, ironically, is the smallest guy in the lot). We have a pablano pepper I've named Pablo (because my Paul chose him) and we have some straightneck squash and cucumbers in as well, but they're unnamed. I will put the lettuce in a deck planter and do the same with limas for extra TLC. They are too tender to trust to the ground just yet.

Once all my toms and pablos and their amigos were firmly palnted, I surrounded the garden with marigolds, an old tried-and-true natural insect repellant. The variety I chose have brick red and orange flat petals and is called Durango Flame.

When I saw all those Catholic-Jewish flowers (Mary Gold), I knew I had been blogging too long: I thought of naming each of them after blogging friends. I secretly started naming them, beginnign alphabetically in the southwest corner of my 36 foot square produce patch.

If you would like to be named among my Mary Golds, leave me a comment. At the end of next Saturday, I'll try to post a picture of my veggies surrounded by marigolds, and if you want one named after you, I'll show everyone where their namesake is in my little piece of God's great earth.

By the way, the Mary Golds with a middle name (ie Mary Amy, Mary Betty, Mary Laurie Lynn) will get more attention than the nameless ones, so have a heart. :)


Laurie Lynn said...

How fun! I love being named in your happy Mary Gold garden!
I like to think I am "tried and true" but I'm not very insect repellant this year!
Now if you won't mind I'd like to return the fun! We have zinnias planted called "Profusion Mix Zinnias". Since Profusion can mean a liberal and bountiful pouring forth (and I see these positive qualities in you) may I return the "Maryment and Marymaking", and name a zinnia, "Zinnia Zoanna"? There are orange, pink, cream and yellow zinnias. Do you have a favorite color of those four?
I will enjoy thinking of you and try to pray for you when I see the zinnias!
May your garden give you pleasure, and produce, of course!

PS BTW the "word verification" word happens to be "nonut".
Is that a new weight watcher word for abstaining from a "donut"? (ugh. duh. Sorry.)
ALSO: I came to realize this afternoon, and now as I head for bed, that one of my biggest downfalls is NOT eating even if I'm hungry! Bad idea I know! I just can't lose that way! I don't plan for hunger. I think I can skip meals then I go a little nuts instead of being intentional and eating wisely. Okay. You may not have needed to hear ALL THAT, BUT AS i'VE MENTIONED BEFORE, MY MIND ISN'T READY TO MAKE CHANGES, so thinking it through and thinking ahead seems like a big obstacle just now. Like, when I go on a "diet" all I think about is food, and when I'm not dieting, I just eat (or skip meals), but not wisely and the energy it feels like it would take to think about planning is more than I can think about just now! Sounds like excuses, doesn't it? (Oh dear, that was lengrhy...)
So, how is WW going for you?

zz said...

I would be honored to be named among your zinnias --and to be prayed for as to care for them. Funny you should mention those 4 colors (orange, pink, cream, yellow). I have kind of been going with an coral theme this year (or a visual mix thereof). Since my Mary Golds are orange, why don't you name one of YOUR orange zinnias Zoanna. That would be swell.

Nonut. I will have to keep driving past Nunkin Nonuts . I've been making poor choices this week in WW, among them treating Joel to an ice cream at the Dunkins/Baskin joint on Friday. I made the mistake of actually going IN and seeing all those 31derful flavors. I lost my battle w/ the eyes and flesh that day. But my Redeemer has forgiven my foolishness because I asked Him to.I'm back on track now.

I found no "diet" worked for long as long as I was loving my sin of gluttony. I had to come to see it for what it was. It was an act of the Holy Spirit, not people or media or poorly fitting clothes or even feeling terribly emotionally and physically. When God made it perfectly clear that food was my god, and that He wanted my good , I made the change. It's a daily thing.

zz said...

PS The word "zoe" in Greek means abundant life, so your Profusion mix is an apt variety to match. Thanks for pointing out those qualities. I guess you meant them positively! (I pour forth a profusion of negative traits on occasion, which you haven't seen. If you had, you'd be naming weeds after me.)

Laurie Lynn said...

Hugs and prayers for your sweet graciousness and honesty!
Oh yes, I sincerely did mean to point out the positive traits I "see" in you!
Thank you for posting a family photo! I love having the visual! Love it!
Thanks also for posting your short term goals! I'm lifting these up for God to equip you to meet or tweak... (Know what I mean?) "Hands to work, Hearts to God"

Zoanna said...

You're welcome about the photo. It's not great, but I don't have a great one. We need to get a new family photo taken.

I removed the short term goals. I don't know what was going thru my mind when I did that; just seemed so trivial a few hours later, so silly. Thanks for praying, though.

Laurie Lynn said...

I actually was admiring the goal list. I'm just so goal challenge these days. I'm too faithless, weary or something to even make them! But whenever I do, I try to lift them up for God's "meeting and/or tweaking" and be open for changes and rearranges!
My goal for the day is to visit two more cemeteries, then eat and fellowship w/ Mike's mom and step-dad. The piles of clothes needing put away (which should be a goal) will have to wait!

Karen said...

hey girlie, i think a Mary Karen sounds gorgeous! ;)

Amy said...

I've never had a flower named after me before! :)