Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday Weight Weport 3

I'm not happy. It was only a loss of .8 . I thought for sure I would be down closer to 2.0. Fighting anger right now because all the self-control didn't show up the way I wanted it to--on the scale. I must have more to learn about the big picture. The WW lady did encourage me by saying that I've averaged a loss of 2.5 pounds a week. Still, though, I feel like it's been a blow to my hard work of exercising and journaling my food intake.

Maybe I didn't journal everything correctly that I didn't have exact points for. Maybe I guessed really poorly on some things. Maybe I need more sleep. The lady said maybe I need more food if I'm exercising so much. I said, "No, because if I subtract for the activity points, I even them out with food." It's not like I'm going into a starvation mode, I promise. I don't think I could ever do that to myself personally because I love food. Always have, always will, unless God kills my taste buds, hacks out my eyes, stops my nose, and keeps pushing me to the gym.

But to be positive, I am recounting the victory that God gave me grace to keep my commitment to myself to exercise six times in one week. That's a huge change in my lifestyle. Huge. You're reading the blog of a gal who used to congratulate herself if she worked out six times a month, which I rarely did. Remember, I hated to sweat? I still am not enamored of the smell, nor the clothes that I put on when I work it up, but the results are worth it.

And still, a wonderful feeling to believe deep down that I'm finally starting to eat like a healthy person and think like a person with self-control. I haven't felt like quitting once in the past four weeks. All the other times I've only lasted 11 days. I am looking at next April 29 as probably the grandest Ebenezer celebration in my life.


Leanne said...

Sometimes changes in heart attitude don't show up on the scale...but you need these weeks for later down the road. You can do this :) My current motto: one day at a time, only by the grace of God.

Laurie Lynn said...

I understand your anger, but I just betcha you're gaining muscle w/ increased excercise and that means a good place for calories to burn! Press on! (And yes! Make sure you're metabolism is in good tune!)
Wow! do I know how to give the advise that I need to take!
I'm also angry because I'm not doing anything... Ugh!

Anonymous said...

You may be gaining muscle faster than you're losing weight. So the fact that you are still dropping weight even with an increase in muscle is actually really great. Muscle burns more calories at rest than fat does, so eventually that muscle will work wonders for your overall goals. Hang in there.

Karen said...

before you know it, Zo, we will be having our grand celebration of God Grace and strength in our lives!