Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Prayer Walking Proposal

The Lord has been spotlighting my lack of prayer and calling me to a greater devotion to the practice of prayer. He hasn't been saying to read about it, study it, or anything else. Just do it.

Seems everywhere I turn and ask another sister in the Lord what God is speaking to her about, prayer comes up. Or it's an addendum to a character issue (self-control in my case).

So I've been swishing an idea around in my mind, especially since Denise's last day and my subsequent dwelling on her lasting influence on my memory bank. The idea is a plan to have a women's weekly prayer walk. It would mean showing up at my driveway at the same time every week and linking up with another sister. Not always the same sister, but to walk in pairs doing nothing but praying. It would be half hour to focus on God, not distracted by kiddoes and phone and household chores. It would take place in the evening so as to accommodate the schedules of women employed during the day, and also let moms leave kids home with dads. I'm thinking 7:30. If it's raining a little, we could sit on my covered front porch to pray.

I'm thinking of starting two Tuesdays from now, but am open to an alternative night of the week. I'll be doing some prayer walking regardless of company, but I'd love the fellowship.

Once around my neighborhood "loop" (which is strenuous with its hills) is a mile and takes me a half hour.

I was thinking we could do the loop twice and call it S.H.O.P.ing. (Sweet Hour of Praying). Even if you did the loop once, it'd be SHHOPping (Sweet Half Hour of Praying). Attention SHOPpers: if you're interested, please leave a note or email me. The main difference between SHOPping and shopping is that you can leave your money at home and know that your time has been well spent.


Amy said...

I might like to do this! I've been taking walks around the neighborhood almost every day, but I'm always listening to podcasts. It would be good for me to take the earbuds out once a week and pray. Obviously I wouldn't get to walk *with* you, but I'd love to know I was doing it at the same time.

terri said...

excellant idea! i believe i will approach some of my sisters in christ here in the wheat state and do some SHOPing of our own.enjoy the walks!

Elaine said...

I haven't checked in in a while; I was glad to see that Miss Elaine-e-ous was not a serious contender for a blog name :-)
I live down the road a piece and as you know, Jacksonville is not walkable any more. But drive through SHHOPping is something I can do! Thanks for the nudge to use my time wisely.

zoanna said...

Elaine? I'm sorry, do I know you?

zz said...

I know 2 Elaines that I can think of. I'm related to one and went to school with the other. I don't do facebook. Sorry (too time-consuming). Tell me your brother's name and I'll know.