Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Sarah's Accident

This morning was like most mornings except that I was to have a 9 a.m. appointment at the gym with someone who would teach me about FitLinx, a way to track your fitness goals electronically. But at 8 this morning I didn't have a peace about keeping the appointment. I am still quite sore from last night's workout and have a housework goal looming as large as my backside.

Stephen's Jeep was blocked into our driveway by the fleet that we have as five drivers. So he took the convertible and would switch later with Sarah. I thought no more of it; it barely registered as an oddity.

On the way out the door at 9:00, Sarah plopped a paper on the table and asked if I'd check over it and mark it up. She'd be home before work to fix it. Praying for the kids is the most I can do;marking their papers is the least.

The phone rang about ten minutes after she left. Her voice was shaking and she was crying. I knew. "Mom...I've been hit!... Can you come?" I asked where she was and if she was okay. Then I called Paul who said, "Was it her fault?" and a couple other questions and I said "I don't think so, I need to go." He said, "Don't do anything stupid," which is his code way of saying, "Don't say much on the scene, admit fault or say everything's fine." (He keeps it simple and I usually understand him.)

I threw on a decent shirt and made a couple calls for prayer and to let the school know what happened in case I didn't show up today. (Rainy Wednesday. Car problems...Hmm....sound familiar? I was tempted to superstition but instead chose to thank God for his protection two rainy Wednesdays in a row.)

"Be her peace, her Prince of Peace," I said. "and the other person who hit her. For that matter, be mine, too, Lord," I prayed as my heart picked up tempo.

I saw flashing cop car lights but only a dark SUV on the other side of the road, Oh, Lord, she got hit by a big one. where is she? I wondered. Maybe she's behind that SUV in a ditch? Then where's the ambulance? How could she have called me if she was flipped over in a ditch?

The cop was in his vehicle filling out paperwork. I asked him through his window, "I'm looking for my daughter, She was driving the convertible?"

"Convertible?" He looked dumbfounded, or like I was an apparition. He pointed to the Jeep.

Then it clicked. She was in Steve's Jeep! Thank God! Oh, thank you, God! Stephen took the convertible to school!

Sarah was sitting in the front seat with her cell phone, calm and smiling, She got out and hugged me and told me the details. I walked around the right side of the Jeep and saw the big dent in the back door. The lady had pulled out apparently from her housing development in her SUV. Oh, Lord, had Sarah been hit by that,,, I don't want to think about it.

Part of me wanted to cross the street and ask the lady if she was okay and to reassure her. It must feel so terrible to be the one at fault.

But Paul's words,"Don't do anything stupid" came back to me. It could be stupid to cross this busy, wet road. It could be stupid to open my mouth in the name of calming someone else." So I simply told Sarah I wanted to drive her to school. She balked, said she was okay, but I insisted I at least follow her to campus. Driving after an accident can be nerve wracking, but she was already nervous because she en route to give a presentation at school. "All the more reason I follow you to school," said, the Mother Hen I am .

She arrived safely and I thanked God as she parked the Jeep that He had been merciful to her, to us, in arranging (or from my perspective, rearranging) the details and outcomes of this rainy Wednesday.


laurie said...

sooooooo glad i saw her facebook status before i saw your blog post title. glad she is okay. are you? :) I dread having driving kiddos!

Anonymous said...

Thankful she's okay!!

Kelly said...

So glad she's all right. And don't worry about mother-henning her - that's your job!

Laurie Lynn said...

Psalm 61:4
Let me dwell in Your tent forever;
Let me take refuge in the shelter of Your wings. Selah.

God places the desire to protect our children in our Mother hearts and gives us grace and peace to trust Him with the children He has blessed us with.
Oh, dear Mother Hen, never forget whose wings we take shelter in and under whose wings our dear children ultimately find shelter! Praise Him that Sarah is okay and that you were available! Praise Him!!

Laurie Lynn said...

Dear Zoanna,
You’ve had an exciting past few days/weeks? and the Lord keeps bringing you to mind with a clear reminder to praise His graciousness and be thankful for His protection!
Wow! Both strange road hazards could have had such different outcomes, and I’m so relieved and rejoicing that you and Sarah are fine!
We are truly in His grip!
Laurie L.

Kristin said...

Several years ago I was hit by a car when I was stopped at the red light. It went through months of arbitration because the other insurance company wanted to say it was my fault, that I cut the guy off. I was offended because I felt they were calling me a liar and I felt this guy was trying to rip me off. In the end, insurance payout was for me. So encourage Sarah that it is not uncommon for them to blame her even when it was not her fault. In the end, God is the one who upholds our name.